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The thing that the drama benefits from is that they’ve got source material to work off of in order to help establish the basic plot, characters and pacing. It’s a story that’s also lasted the ages

Hello. This is AKIA Talking now talking from Korea. Today, I’ll be doing something new for this blog. Sometime ago, I was contacted by a company, “Chocolabs”, to review their Korean Drama Streaming APP “DRAMOT+” which they have been updating recently. I had pushed it aside with the whole getting settled in to Korea thing. So, now I am finally getting to it.

Oh and I am getting no incentives for doing this review. I am always saying what I want to say.

Hello. This is “AKIA Talking” formerly talked from the US and now talking from Korea. This is a movie review of a Korean movie “Cart”. Yes I know that the title is bad. But the movie is at least not as bad as the title. Oh and I am going to use an “Arial” font today. It is just that kind of day.

I refuse to be held responsible because YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
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Hello. This is AKIA Talking now from Korea. While being back in Korea, I have been looking into the Korean drama critical community here which includes blogger who tend to be shlubs like yours truly. And, to be frank, the community here is not that large or considerable.

And this is just some thoughts I scribbled as I am writing another long long editorial.

My Dictator (2014) #KMovie Review: When “Black Swan” & “Rain man” collide!

Hello. This is AKIA Talking now from Korea. Today, I’ll be going over a recent Korean movie called “My Dictator”.

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Hello. This is AKIA Talking now from Korea. The Korean drama ,“Secret Door” (2014), which is airing and made me think of 3 things. First, where is the door in the tittle? (LOL) Second, why is there “Veronica  Mars” in this show? Third, what is the position of the king in old Korea? The first two were jokes so I passed that for a review I may do about the show if I ever end up finishing the show. The third question was interesting and thus I am writing an editorial about it.

Hello. This is AKIA Talking now writing from Korea. With all the whoopla about the movie “Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan, I went to see the movie at its midnight opening in Korea. And what was my opinion…?

Well, it is an interesting disaster of the movie that, if you are not a student of film, you may not enjoy seeing. On my part, I enjoyed watching how a renowned director can totally crash and burn chasing the white dragon that is “2001 Space Odyssey”.
Which one is better? It is the same sentence. Tried to turn English close to the Korean format

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