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By  Lady G

Show Title: Chuno (The Slave Hunters)
Resident World type: (Choose one or make up your own label of the world the character is a resident of)

· Close to reality historical world – The Joseon era.

Name: Song Tae Ha
(Q: Does the name have any relevant meaning?   )
Not sure, but part of the name means “Great.”

Gender: (  M )
(Q: What restrictions does this put on the character?)
In this drama's world not much at all, except extra hard labor because he becomes a slave.

Profession: Song Tae-ha is a proud and skilled military general who has spent years serving the Prince Sohyeon in China. Now he must protect the Prince’s last surviving son and save him from exile on Jeju Island. This is his biggest motivation throughout the entire drama.


To restore the baby prince to his rightful place on the throne. Loyalty to Prince Sohyeon even after his death. In the end, to create a free society for all in Korea because his wife brought his pride down a peg and showed him how slaves are no different from others.

What would the character not do?
Song Tae Ha would never betray the men working under his command, even when forced into slavery and tortured to reveal military secrets. He would never let Un-nyun, his woman, get hurt and would die for the cause he served.

Attitude toward sexual relationships:

Q: What kind romantic/sexual relationships the character can have? – Song Tae Ha is very noble and considerate of women. Although badly injured he stops to rescue Un-nyun from rapists when he could have easily kept riding on. He comes off as shy and awkward when he later has to dress a bad wound near her bosom, and the focus is on his shaking hands and sweaty brow. When in closed sleeping arrangements he immediately turns his back to her, though desire is evident on his face. Their love grows through a series of misadventures where he constantly protects her, even taking an arrow through his arm.
Tae Ha resigns himself to giving Un-nyun long, meaningful gazes when she’s not looking, and sometimes when she is. He admits that his manner is sometimes brusque and his tone commanding because of his strict military life. Ordering soldiers is practically all he knows. He kept full control of any sexual feelings. They have some “skinship” – hand holding while traveling, clutching her to his chest after saving her, etc. They share one passionate kiss on the cliff  before his epic sword fight with Commander Hwang on the beach. He and Un-nyun only consummated their relationship after a traditional marriage.

Q: How would this affect the character’s marriage?
Song Tae Ha would have to learn to open up to his wife and learn to respect her opinions. Which he does with Un-nyun. He experienced marriage before. Tae Ha is kind to Un-nyun and waits patiently for her to clear Lee Daegil from her heart. (She believes Daegil is dead.) Because he is so used to being on his own, he must learn to let his wife now care for matters of the home and hearth, such as a scene where she tells him to leave the kitchen and let her do the cooking for him and the soldiers.
Physical traits: 
*Only list if it has some story point or influences behavior or motivation. Being extremely pretty or ugly does meet this criterion
Song Tae Ha is strong from hard labor and is a master swordsman. He must bear the tattoo of a slave on his forehead for the rest of his life. In his heart he was never a slave, despite having to endure as one for a time undercover.

Family composition and story function (Father, mother, siblings, uncles, aunts)
*Does the family member have any some story function or influences behavior or motivation? Being abusive or having debt does meet this criterion.
*Note whether the member is a key antagonist to the story – 
There is no mention of Song Tae Ha’s family in Chuno.
Current personal relationships and dynamics
*Only those that have significance at the beginning of the show.
*Long lost loves do not apply
*Describe how the relationships either restrict or provide opportunities for the character.
 In a series of huge misunderstandings, Song Tae Ha is forced on the run by slave Hunter Lee Daegil. He is not just hunting him a slave, but he also believes Tae Ha killed his best friends, General Choi and Wang-son.
Unbeknownst to Tae Ha, Daegil is the long lost love of Un-nyun. Daegil is hunting her for his own vengeance, but is still madly in love with her. He is extremely obsessive in his quest. He almost kills Un-nyun when he throws a knife in her back (not realizing it's her). This halts Tae Ha’s journey to find his men when he must let her rest and recover.
Daegil is a big hinderance because Tae Ha’s ultimate mission is to get to Je Ju island and save the baby Prince before his enemy, military commander Hwang, also catches up to him. Tae Ha has to constantly stop and do battle with Daegil. Late in the drama, Tae Ha and Daegil clear their misunderstandings and form a reluctant alliance. Daegil helps Tae Ha and Un-nyun to survive. Their common enemy is Hwang. In the end they fight him together to the death. 

Acts/stuff that bring the character joy?

*Finding and regrouping his men into a small army after being scattered and undercover for a long time. And despite all the craziness around them, he marries Un-nyun in a sweet and simple ceremony while in hiding. Although she is a slave, Un-nyun’s character seems to represent the perfect Joseon era woman - beautiful, graceful, feminine, she can cook and keep house, and raise a child. And she never gets a spot of dirt on her Hanbok no matter how many mountains and forests she must cross. 

Past traumas and consequences
*Only those that have story relevance.
*This also includes long lost childhood first loves or amnesias or being adopted
*Only brief descriptions of the consequences relative to the character
( Past trauma) Song Tae Ha lived in the Palace with his wife and baby son. In a flashback we see him run home to find his wife dead. Believing his son is still alive, he races out with him. Tae Ha tosses him on his back. In a stylish, dramatic scene, he fights his way through the warring rebel soldiers and cuts them all down. But the baby is already dead. Tae Ha never mentions his wife or child to anyone in the remainder of the drama. His fanatical desire to keep the baby Prince and Un-nyun alive at all costs may be a consequence of having failed to protect his first wife and son.


  1. Very good write-up.
    More detail than required which is impressive.
    However, there is no need to be so drama content specific.
    It can be just about the character.
    Imagine you are a shrink and you have a #KDrama character on the counch. You are scribbing on your pad while the character bitches about his life(LOL). What would you write on a single piece of paper summarizing the character

  2. ahh, that does make it easier. With my wordy self, I was just trying to give examples to prove/justify why I said he acted the way he did. Okay, I'll do another one in that manner. lol