A submission for #Kdrama character personality workup database #2

By Mila

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Show : Age of Feelings / Inspiring Generation

Resident World Type: Close to reality historical fiction with a solid hint of manhwa

Name: Jung Jae Hwa
No relevance to it -at least none that's exploited or explained by the drama-

Gender : Male
This gender doesn't put restrictions that matter on the character in this context.

Profession : Gangster / Gang Leader
Motivational relevance : The overused phrase « great power comes with great responsibilities » does mostly apply with Jae Hwa. He's a leader, he believes a leader should protect and it adds to his general « protection » drive.

Aspirations : Take control of the town and the club at the center of it to 1/ ensure the safety and welfare of the people 2/make the woman he loves love him back 3/make profit.

What would the character not do ?
He would not consciously put his own profit/desires/pride before the wellbeing of those he wants to/feels he has to protect. Although he'd easily cheat and use dirty tricks in order to win and although he has a clear desire for leadership and profit, he'll refuse to make profit if it means endangering his people, will pass leadership on to someone else if it means protecting the town and will never force anything on the woman he loves.

Attitude toward sexual relationships:
Jae Hwa can sleep around. He'd also probably flaunt power/money to get sex. He would not force himself on a woman though and especially not his love interest.
As far as marriage go, he would probably try to treat his wife well but I can see him having a hard time settling down and eventually be haunted by regrets. He has a tendency to drink his trouble away too. He wouldn't hit his wife but might end up being an absent husband.

Physical traits : None that really matters 

Family composition and story function : His family is absent during the drama and doesn't matter to the story. Although one could argue that the town became his family and that's why he feels he has to protect it, protection being his number one priority.

Current personal relationships and dynamics

=> With other gang leaders : rivalry to take control of the town. Most of the other gang leaders, throughout a majority of the drama, don't treat Jae Hwa as an equal which leads to a feeling of frustration.
=> With the town (people) : he wants to protect the town and the people but they don't really recognize it, seeing mostly the bad sides of him. They're more attracted to the hero's flashiness and don't care for the grey-er Jae Hwa. That motivates him to try harder but also feeds a feeling of inadequency.
=> With love interest : she rejects him, he tries to become worthy of her. This mirrors his relationship with the town.
=> With the hero : complex relationship. He likes, respects and mentors the hero but also fears him because while Jae Hwa is « the one that worked hard », the hero is « the One ». The hero reaps results without much effort -or at least not as much effort and not efforts directed at the position Jae Hwa and the hero end up competing for- while Jae Hwa does the efforts and doesn't get the reward. Jae Hwa will cave and recognize the hero's leadership because he respects the people's choice and has developped an inferiority complex, which actually more than created the conflict in the first place -he mostly wouldn't have had to lose if he hadn't feared to lose-

Acts/stuff that bring the character joy?
He's happy when his love interest seems interested in him, when he gets one small victory on his ennemies and the happiest thing for him was to take control of the club he so wanted. However joy is always short-lived as the situation keeps changing and victory is almost always followed by loss. Jae Hwa is a character that's happy when he gets what he wants and almost always discovers what he wanted was never his to take.

Past traumas and consequences
He's been living in that town for a long time and has experienced its lowest times -for ex, at one point he witnessed how people were affected by an « opium wave » which motivates him to refuse an opium deal later-. It shaped his persona in a « never again » way. He's seen the worst things happen to the people and feels it's his duty to prevent it from happening again. He feels so strongly about it that it « allows » him to forsake morarilty and his own pride.


  1. Well this is going to be an interesting watch! I like your analysis on the series. I agree with many points. I found this alien to be a dullard. He bored me. I don't really know Kim Soo Hyun's other drama works, but if this is any indication, his affect is really bland.

    I soldiered on and chalked it up to the character being written that way. But even with the requisite "crying" and emotional love scenes, the "feels" were dry.

    His powers were awesome and well executed though. I thought the whole "If I kiss you I can get sick and die" thing was such an eye-rolling gimmick, as was his obligatory abs shower scene. Really, 400 year old alien? Really? All men on your planet shower with towels and have dirty groins? Or is because he's an alien he's miraculously clean? Only in Kdrama I suppose.

    I also forced myself to believe in their 'pseudo-romance' as you called it. All the elements were perfect, but right to the end she was too much into herself to sell it to me. Her silly and distraught crying and "love-sick" scenes were over the top and hammy. It gave me some laughs, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was all 'acting.'

    I get very frustrated when I want to love a drama but don't. And when emotions are forced and hollow, which is why I avoid a lot of TW-dramas. They are like imitation K-dramas.

    Needless to say my ovaries stayed intact the whole way through. If I had to pick, the only one who slightly boiled my blood was Shin Sung Rok.

    Shin Sung Rok as the psycho brother - (Poor actor is forever 'labeled' as such now, no matter what awesome role he plays.) He was deceptively cold, but what was the point of this character? Just another plot device to put the leading lady in danger and keep her tethered to the 2nd lead as mentioned.

    I actually liked the 2nd lead once he grew a backbone and started investigating his own family. He had the most character growth for me. I felt like his scenes were disjointed with everything else going on once he stopped obsessing over her. And as for the 2nd lead girl, yeah, she got really catty, but I actually understood her pain.

    I liked Min Joon's lawyer and found his character charming, a necessary one to keep the alien grounded and help him with his earthly affairs. I remember first reading the plot - a 400 year old alien from the Joseon era blah blah blah…and it stumped me. Why even bother with the whole destiny, reincarnation part? It only upped the 'ick' factor because she was still a 12-year-old girl in the past yet she was discreetly supposed to be a lost love. Never mind it was already icky that she was being sold as a child bride. They just wanted to drill it in us that he wandered the earth for that long, cold-hearted and alone. You're right, the 'destiny' part could have easily started in the present when he rescues her. More filler for the episode length.

    It may have turned out hokey, but I really wanted to see more origin story and learn about this planet. What is their true form? Horrible beyond words? Multiple arms and legs? Shapeless gobs that can take on any feature? I thought it would have been cool if he somehow inhabited the body of dead man, so he was forever trapped in the "real" Do Min Joon's body. What does his planet look like? Couldn't he at least have drawn it for her? They had a great opportunity to introduce those elements of backstory because of her science nerd brother.

    I actually thought the Serial Killer was an alien too! That would have been part of my plot.

    Ugh, never mind, in the end, it's all about the OTP, OTP, OTP. Sometimes to hope for more is fruitless. I wouldn't call this a mess, or the worst drama ever. It had its moments. But I found my self getting bored right toward the end.

  2. "Serial Killer was an alien" would actually have been interesting. At least better than the last 10 episodes.

  3. I was so sure he was until it turned out he wasn't. lol. I thought the writers would throw in that clever twist.