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Korean DRAMA RATING 69.9%

Korean Title
굿 닥터



Joo WonMoon Chae-WonJoo Sang-WookKim Min-Seo



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Articles by Other Bloggers  (Avg. 6.99/10)

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K-dramaland Series review
give it a try, just the first episode. If you are not touched by the story, if you don't shed a single tear, then move on to something else
Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato Series review 2 With so many storylines that seldom intertwine, the writer overuses exposition to force the story in the direction it needs to go
Carrot Blossom Patch First impressions
K-Drama Central Initial Impressions 
Stone cities Series review somewhere in my head there is a little fan-girl still jumping up and down and not caring
The cat that watches TV Series review 7 There is nothing dramatic in terms of plot for Good Doctor — after the politicking falls through, the plot sort of flat-lined
Openionated Series review 7.9 a very enjoyable K-drama. The strong story makes it a very addictive drama to watch
A Spoon of Honey Series review if you're not watching this, you're missing the best
My kdrama [bin] Series review
My Asian movie & drama Series review6 a drama that shows good morals. Although the plot is a bit flat and could be predictable, I learned a lot as I watch Park Shi On challenged himself to be a successful surgeon
Drama addiction Series review10  I loved the fact that all the characters were different and that they all had their own stories even if they werent the MAIN characters
Team sejong Series review 7  The characters are compelling and the stories intriguing.
Drama cream Series review 9
Vicky's Writings Series review


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