Syllable based formatting for English like Korean

Which one is better? It is the same sentence. Tried to turn English close to the Korean format


  1. Hey =)

    In « relationships »
    you wrote « only those relevant at the beginning », does
    that mean I can't write on a character that appears later in the
    drama ? There's one I wanted to try but then I realized, he
    only appears 9 episodes in... is that okay ?

  2. Its great. With the beginning thing... I mean the details before the character's journey ended.

    What is interesting about Cinderella after the happy ending.
    Submit please.
    Don't take it overly seriously. A page or 1+1/2 page will be fine.

  3. Okay^^ Sending e-mail now.
    (actually I've used your layout a few times before as
    an exercice but on characters that don't fit your project). I hope I
    did it right!