Announcement! Starting a new Korean Movie blog

If you have not heard, I started a new Korean movie blog out of the Korean reviews done on this site. I am trying to make this blog dedicated to Korean dramas unlike what I have done before which was to write about anything I wanted to.

I think I will also write about Hollywood movies on that blog too! Korean dramas area a niche so need to have some thing familiar for the new folks. Here is the link to the blog in which is still under construction. I am using a custom template which still has kinks I do not know about yet.

Go to the Movie Blog.


  1. Looking good so far. Very trendy with the rotating posters on top. I really like that touch. Congratulations! I think separating the dramas from the movies will be good. There's so much to write about for both they could use their own spaces.

  2. I enjoyed your review but had to skip the latter parts, I am usually turned off if sex was the deciding factor in migrating from Friends to lovers. It seems to suggest that have sex with any good friend and you automatically become lovers, thats why I skipped this show. You didnt mention any Taiwanese or Chinese drama. In Time With You was a perfect example in my opinion. Pursuit of Happiness is another drama that is also pretty good, my second favorite. Thanks to the earlier parts of your review. I will be giving this drama another go. If I am disappointed you will be hearing from me. Happy New Year and God bless

  3. hii
    it's really good to see that you have compiled bloggers from around the world here... I like your idea...