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응답하라 1994 리뷰 모음

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Korean Title
응답하라 1994


Show Format
Long Miniseries






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As I Watch
Outside Seoul
A- The central love triangle is pretty weak; it only exists because of cheap fake-out tactics used in the 2013 sections
K-Drama Central

Zombie Mamma
 a refreshing break from some of the heavier, crazier, disappointing dramas I watched in 2013
Vault of doom

The talking cupboard

My myooz

Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato
Despite my criticisms, I still found the drama to be a lot of fun and it left me on the edge of my seat to the very end
Kdrama fighting

it's a billion (or 20, whatever) episodes of the writers jerking the audience around between two love options
Drama and Life
it's a billion (or 20, whatever) episodes of the writers jerking the audience around between two love options
The fangirl verdict

he retro awesome, from early 90s hair and fashion, to the novelty of seeing established stars in their early years, makes up for it all
Creating volumes

Overindulgently long, enamored of its own cleverness, a disappointing failure
Stone cities

I do not dislike this show... However, no matter how much I loved the coming of age tale I had my issues with this show and what it could have done.

they shouldn’t have prolonged the guessing game
A spoon full of Honey

This series is by far one of the best South Korean TV Dramas I have seen so far
My Asian movie & drama
I loved 1997 more for this reason, but 1994 was still well-made and up to the standards
Drama for Real

If you like Reply 1997, then you will enjoy this slice of pie, but be forewarned that you might be disappointed

I’m still content I found a gem in each one
Dryed mangoez

at its best when it had the friends in honest and sincere situations involving anything from school to the Asian financial crisis, from their favorite pop music to hometown pride
Kdrama Krazy
My only complaint being that for some reason I think the writers changed the story half way through
Looney express

 It drags quite a bit, but you can't contemplate stopping because it's so good
Watch with joo

Maybe I was just thinking too much


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