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Musings of a Chunkeemonkeeato

At its worst, the drama’s writer misses the historical significance of this period and really just fails to see the story in its bigger picture setting

ザラ ZARA Notes

 I think the scriptwriter didn't quite know where to take the drama and how to get to wherever it is supposed to go

Team sejong

A wonderful story combined with an illustrious cast created a drama that was a pleasure to watch

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  1. Very well written article with good points. I agree with them. What I've noticed, is the annoying habit of fans expecting every drama to have that distinct first lead, 2nd lead. It's like the drama's value hinges around those factors alone. I'm bothered because I also picked up the habit. I like the more ' manly' dramas and cross genres, but getting into Kdrama made me more feminine than ever. Lol