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Korean Title
백년의 신부

TV Chosun
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Yang Jin-SungLee Hong-KiYang Jin-SungPark Jin-Joo


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Drama Heaven Series review 8.8 I admit that it had me at the edge of my seat at times
Heidi's Kdramaland  Series review 8 If you like rom-com’s, you’ll love this.  If you like “different”, you’ll love this
The cat that watches TV Series review A fairly well organised mess
The writings Series review
definitely my top recommendation for the March drama period
KIMCHI ACHAAR Series review6  This drama is certainly interesting and cute, but also includes cliché plotlines
It started with a kdrama Series review
Everything about Bride of the Century touched my heart
Renbites Series review 7.5 I recommend you watching this drama with a clear mind and heart therefore you would appreciate it more and don’t care about the subtle onscreen flaws
Train To Seoul Series review7.75 It's alright but nothing near fantastic
Nani Kani Series review
There were some plot holes and unanswered questions, but nothing too much that would have destroyed the drama
International fangirl Series review
a decidedly romantic drama with a heavy dose of intrigue
Hallyu Crush Series review Overall, I would say this drama is definitely watch worthy
A spoon full of Honey Series review I would like to congratulate the whole team of Bride of the Century
Idols and indie Series review
I would still recommend BOC to viewers. Because the chemistry between the leads is great, there is some awesome humor here and there in the show
F4 plus 1 Series review All in all, this drama was really good


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