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Korean drama rating 63%

Korean Title
닥터 이방인


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Lee Jong-SukPark Hae-JinJin Se-YeonKang So-Ra


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Zombie mammaSeries review
this drama also has some pretty big flaws...but I will say that things do kind of fall apart at the end
Kdrama dreamerSeries review4
Stone citiesSeries review
I hate to be so negative when reviewing a show, but I can’t help it. I was really disappointed in this drama
The Star OnlineSeries reviewThe convoluted conspiracies really make it a struggle to care if Dr Hoon becomes the best heart surgeon in South Korea, or gets to live happily ever after with his true love
Crayon DreamsSeries review6.5 spends most of its time on the characters and conspiracies. 
Kpop in my heartSeries reviewI cannot say that I loved this drama but I didn’t hate it either
100 LONG NIGHTS OF SUMMERSeries review
Nani KaniSeries reviewI wouldn't recommend this drama
Drama and Show Reviews and RecommendationsSeries review
Jin Hyuk and Ji Hyo’s presence made it so much fun to watch. But if you’re not a fan, you might get disappointed for the somewhat forgettable and ordinary plot
Drama girlerSeries review7As for my 2014 kdrama list, it sits on the top 1 so far
Oishii thoughtsSeries review8I say that the drama is a good watch, but be prepared for crying and headaches
Windina boxSeries review
Empress of dracSeries review6  Save your 20 hours by watching other worth while dramas
Kbeat.netSeries reviewI disliked about this drama was how unrealistic some of the things that happened. 
Subjective InsightsSeries reviewfell back to cliche situations and cheesy lines at times but it was a good attempt to fuse politics with medicine
The marvelous myiSeries review6
Kdrama nerdSeries review

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