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Long Miniseries



Song Ji-HyoChoi Jin-HyukLee Pil-MoChoi Yeo-Jin


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Noonas over forksSeries review

Noonas over forksEpisode recaps
Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review5.5I can’t help be underwhelmed by the drama overall. The drama wasn’t very unique, nor was it over-the-top wacky and fun
Kdrama fightingSeries review
My myoozSeries review
Zombie MammaSeries review
K-dramalandSeries review
Asia reviewer maniacSeries reviewdespite these little pet peeves of mine, the drama, regardless of its flaws, was very enjoyable to watch
My Asian movie & dramaSeries review5Jin Hyuk and Ji Hyo’s presence made it so much fun to watch. But if you’re not a fan, you might get disappointed for the somewhat forgettable and ordinary plot
We eat lemonSeries reviewby no means a groundbreaking drama in any way. But it's a fun, light drama
The cat that watches TVSeries review
when.life.meets.meSeries review
International fangirlSeries reviewI laughed out loud throughout the drama as fresh humor was expertly portrayed in ways that I wasn't expecting
Melody's Reading CornerSeries reviewOverall, I enjoyed this drama and I'd love to see the leading characters together in another drama again
Windina boxSeries reviewit is a really good drama and the suspense will definitely make you wait for the events that will follow
sut3kiiSeries review
Red Butterfly EffectSeries reviewDespite there being a number of flaws which one can criticise about Emergency Couple, I still enjoyed the series
Asian fanficsSeries review7
Asian movie dramaSeries reviewThe endearing thing about this drama is that characters tend to change their first impressions and they’re not what they seem at first at all
Non Asian KrisaSeries review10I never really felt as though there were any over the top situations when it came to the “meat and potatoes” of this drama
Hallyu CrushSeries reviewThis drama does have a lot of funny scenes in it, especially in the beginning
Fabulously FiloreanSeries reviewK-Dramas like this make you think. No, they make you evolve
Hope perspectivesSeries reviewmy ultimate verdict for Emergency Couple is DAEBAK!
TrinigamersSeries review8Not bad at all.

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