Korean Gift Idea: Yutts "엿"~Korean traditional cady

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Hello. Recently, as the Korean SAT was going on, I saw a company selling these traditional Korean candy, Yutt or "엿", with individual packaging. While seeing Yutt or "엿" is nothing new, I have not seen many that has this type of modern packaging as they tend to be sticky by recipe. This company claimed that they improve the recipe to make is less sticky.

So, I tried some and well it was less sticky.

How does Yutt or "엿" taste like? That is a difficult question. It is usually made combining a grain with Malt. Thus, depending on what kind of grain is used, the taste differs. In regard to texture, Yutt or "엿" is similar to either Salt Water Taffy or Caramel Candy.

You get why the whole sticky thing?

Taste wise, this company's products are made out of rice. So, it is far less strong a taste than either Salt Water Taffy or Caramel Candy which are strong taste in different manners. It makes for a decent beginners' candy. Here are some pictures of my purchase.

Another selling point of this company's products are that they include different  eastern medical herbs. Korea is big on the whole health thing. But, in the these small quantities, the effects are negligible. The taste seems to differ depending on the type of herbs included in the recipe.

Each package goes for about $5 and wights 80g. The package says this ends up being about 14 ~16 small packages.

I ended up shipping 3 packages to a friend in the USA for about $7.50.

Thus, the total cost was about $22.50

 Types of products
  • Yutts White: Rice, Malt,The root of a broad bellflower: (Improve immune system, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.)

  • Yutts Outdoor: Rice, Malt (Plain)
  • Yutts Black: Rice, Malt,Rehmanniae Radix Preparata: (Improve blood production and circulation)

  • Yutts Red: Rice, Malt,Saff Flower Seeds: (Increases bone density and etc.)

  • Yutts ZZZ: Rice, Malt,Peppermint
  • Yutts green: Rice, Malt,Mulberry Leafs: (Increase blood floor to the brain and improve memory)

  • Yutts yellow: Rice, Malt,Angelica gigas: (Cleans blood & helps with low blood pressure

I can always help purchasing stuff if you want it.
Email: akoreaninamerica@outlook.com


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