Gu Family Book 구가의 서 (2013): Korean Drama Review Collection & Ranking

구가의 서 (2013) 한국 드라마 리뷰

Korean drama rating

28 Articles with 14 scored. Average Score of 7.8 of 10

Korean Title
구가의 서


Show Format
Long Miniseries






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BloggersType (Click)ScoreQuote
Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review5.5
For someone who is looking for an uncomplicated drama with beautifully saturated scenery, this might be right up their alley.
Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching DisorderSeries review

The common roomSeries review
I loved this one almost to the end.
OpenionatedSeries review8.4I would highly recommend Gu Family Book to any K-drama fans
Reviews and... *stuff*Series review8.9 It's so good that I got addicted to it
Creating Volumes Series review
 If you’re a huge fan of Lee Seung-ki and simply must see him acting out the paper-doll-thin character he was handed for this project, I’d recommend looking for fan-vids
The cat that watches TVSeries review

KIMCHI ACHAARSeries review

Xiao veeSeries review9
Magic MomentsSeries review7 They had just dragged a 16 episode story into a 24 one
Stone citiesSeries review
I had such high hopes for this drama … but they were dashed apart like a million blue glowing floaty magical ball thing
Red zombieSeries review
a good watch from the start until episode 23
K-dramalandSeries review
I really like this drama
Kelly kdrama fantasySeries review9I wouldn't recommend it to anyone
The Life StoriesSeries review8.5There are so many love triangles!!
I heart kworldSeries review
a drama that I will encouraged my friends to watch
Asian fanficsSeries review10
The Radical StatementsSeries review3 just think they lacked execution
Kdrama loveSeries review
There are MANY more shocking twists and turns in this story
The K universeSeries review
it's really heartrending
Drama addictionSeries review9The story is amazing and will keep you hooked
Nani KaniSeries review
There were a few gaps and open-end stories... but nothing too extreme destroyed the drama review9this drama is really is a good drama. Light, sweet, sad, funny, and remarkable
Confessions of a DramaholicSeries review7
Team sejongSeries review8
Annyeong europeSeries review6If you leave the romance out of the story you will be very very confused and unhappy with the whole set up
Drama queenSeries review4There was SO MUCH POTENTIAL but every week the writers just killed me with no plot development
Prudey's Blog FizSeries review

MotizinSeries review
This is quite fun to watch


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