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해운대 연인들 (2012) 한국 드라마 리뷰

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Korean Title
해운대 연인들


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Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review6
The drama is completely adorable and enjoyable as long as you know what to expect of it
The fangirl verdictSeries review
Moderately bipolar
Im so Kdrama crazySeries review
I wouldn’t really recommend to watch this drama if you were wanting to watch a good one
Beu-tiliciousSeries review9it's the best romcom for 2012
Orion's RamblingsSeries review
 the quirkiness of the characters and how easy they are to like and the fact that the world in which they live feels realistic and normal are things which make it very pleasant
A doorama queen Series review
Dryed mangoezSeries review8It isn’t often that you can find such a well rounded series that seamlessly threads together great story and endless fun
Drama popSeries review
I’m not as excited by the show than by the previous ones I’ve seen but I’m looking forward to watching the rest of it
Carie's Review of Asian DramasSeries review
I loved this drama because it was so awkwardly bad but good
Red zombieSeries review
 a fluffy romantic comedy that requires viewers to shut off their brains while watching
Drama and Show Reviews and RecommendationsSeries review9It is humorous and addictive as the story is well-developed
Vicky's WritingsSeries review
after all the heavy dramas from KBS recently, this was a welcome change