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  1. I Need Romance 3 Preview: Talking Like Lorelai Gilmore

Noonas over forks

Zombie Mamma
 It’s the perfect drama to marathon as you unwind over the weekend so curl up with your coziest blanket and get to it!

Outside Seoul
if you’ve been around the block as many times as the show’s female lead, why not reward yourself with something a bit classier?

Heidi's Kdramaland 
Though the plot was a little muddied, I never failed to watch this every week

Someone's corner
the series had me hooked with its cinematography

Drama Heaven 
This one on the other hand felt a lot more like a drama


Korean Drama Reviews in English
suitable for teens only

Kdrama love
You will definitely feel lots of happiness watching this wonderful K-drama

Asian movie drama
It was a cute lovely story that has its frustrating bits but it turns out we understand every action taken

As The Kimchi Turns
Without feeling campy, each idea was represented well in the natural lives of our characters

Creating Volumes
it was fluffy and fun and inoffensive... but it wasn’t that deep. Or that realistic

My Asian movie & drama
Overall, I Need Romance 3 is a so-so drama

Drama girl
actually my favorite I Need Romance drama out of three stories because the main couple didn't do a lot of things that made me angry

Drama addiction
I went in with a worried heart after reading some comments about the drama but I found myself liking it

The fangirl verdict
is like the milder, sweeter, slightly ditzy younger cousin of the older, more worldly-wise I Need Romance dramas.

Asian fixations

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