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Korean drama rating 57.1%

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Lee Byung-HunKim Tae-HeeJeong Jun-HoKim Seung-WooKim So-Yeon

Kim Hyun-JoonJo Kyu-WonKim Jae-Eun


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Kaede+JunSeries review6
I can’t say that I was pleased with the result, but I wasn’t disappointed either
Idiomatic@Series review
 It does reveal some plot weaknesses in some moments of repetitive themes
Orion's RamblingsSeries review

wanna be fobSeries review7I actually really liked this drama, but many I know did not
The common room Series review

Daehan dramaSeries review
 a new breed of drama in the Korean TV landscape
semicolonSeries review

ricpolim's journalsSeries review7one wonders there’s a better spy thriller in here had the producers even go more daring than it already is now
Drama addiction Series review
Something with violence and mystery and I was really excited to watch it
United KpopSeries review
It provides suspense with a flicker of romance but plenty of action to keep you at the edge of your seat
twitch filmSeries review4the only reason why Iris will be remembered in the annals will be for becoming a sort of pioneer
Knight of phoenixSeries review

A NEW KIND OF HOBBYSeries review

Morning coffee journalSeries review8IRIS is still a good drama filled with a lot of suspense, action and romance
Kdrama loveSeries review
has many suspenseful subplots and interesting secondary character
All that DramaSeries review4 could be edited into a two hour film because there were clearly a lot of throw-away or filler scenes throughout
Twist of FateSeries review

Watt padSeries review

Red zombieSeries review
is good although it could have been better if the ending was not as crappy as the one it has
mila_no_nikkiSeries review4To be honest I liked this dorama! As long as I didn’t think about the story it was okay. I like the main guy
Cyns workshopSeries review
Too much heartache in this show, too much
everything lbhSeries review

Diane wants to writeSeries review
If you love suspense and action films, I strongly recommend Iris

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