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Korean drama rating 73%

Korean Title
장옥정, 사랑에 살다


Show Format
Long Miniseries



Kim Tae-HeeYoo Ah-InHong Soo-HyunJae HeeLee Sang-Yeob

Choi Jung-Mi


Review by A Korean  In America
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it left some unforgettable things that I’ll keep to myself probably in years to come
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You don't know meSeries review8an enjoyable, thought-provoking and definitely such a feast for the eyes
Macey-shots@tumblrSeries review
It’s not a very memorable drama but it’s worth watching if you really want a romantic period drama
RedliffSeries review9I watched this at first bcf YAI but after watching ep 1, I seriously fell in love with all the casts and really couldn’t wait to watch the rest of the drama.
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This drama is absolutely worth watching
Creating Volumes Series review
unlike dramas that fade away to a whimpering, unsatisfying, or just plain mystifying ending, this one stuck to the story it was trying to tell
I heart kworldMid Series review
I wouldn’t encouraged them to watch 
My Asian movie & dramaSeries review7It definitely takes a lot of patience to appreciate this drama, but it was all worth the wait because the good and exciting events happened during the half until the last episode
A splash of inspirationEditorial

Team sejongSeries review7While the script may be a tad slow in places, the overall storyline flows well.
To SeoulSeries review6I fell in love with him during this drama.

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