Korean Gift Idea: Hanbok Paper cutout cards

Collect Korean Hanbok Paper cutout cards

Or give it as gifts.

In contrast to most of the world, Korea seems to be sticking to paper cards and snail mail for the time being. To be more accurately, it seems like the card industry is booming from the variety cards being sold on the market. However, you do not know with Korea. The market here is weird.

In any case, I have been looking at cards. There are a lot of interesting designs that are more art pieces than practical cards. I find one product line that does Hanbok Paper cutouts as cards.

While I think they may be a little impractical as cards, they make for a nice collection if you enjoy Hanbok designs. Also, you can make a DIY art project with them\. I purchased a few nice designs. See!

 Each card comes with a Hanbok Paper cutout card, a envelop, and a description page.

You can write on the blank section as seen below!

Can you see the collecting potential!? I could! So, I got a photo album for $4. Here it is.

Nice isn't it!!!
Currently, there are 40 designs including both adult male and female. In Addition, there are also  Kid Hanbok designs.

Each designs goes for a$4 here. So, there are not cheap but not overly pricey for Korea.

Female Hanbok card Collection (16 designs)

F1. 고구려 Female
F2.국화 Female
F3.규수복 Female
F4 동백 퓨전 퓨전 Female
F5 매화 Female
F6 모란 Female
F7 백제 Female
F8 색동나비 퓨전 Female
F9 수묵국화 퓨전 Female
F10 왕후 Female
F11 장금이 Female
F12 적의 Female
F13 중전 Female
F14 활옷 Female
F15 황진이 Female
F16 황진이-2 Female

Male Collection  (4 designs)

M1.구장복 Male

M2. 꽃도령 Male
M3 단령 Male

M4 왕복 Male

 Kids Collection (9 designs)

K1 남아 꽃자수 한복 Male

K2 남아 푸른녹색 한복 Male

K3 분홍꽃자수 여자 아동한복 Female

K4 아동 한복카드 2 Male

K5 아동 한복카드 Male

K6 여아 붉은치마 Female

K7 여아 자주빛 매화치마 Female

K8 연두나비 남자 아동한복 Male

K9 연두나비 여자 아동한복 Female

In addition to these Hanbok cards, the company produces Hanbok themed envelopes which also go for about $4 each. There designs are also fancy.

E1 전통한복 축하봉투(거북노리개)

E2 전통한복 축하봉투(국화색동)

E3 전통한복 축하봉투(노랑저고리)

E4 전통한복 축하봉투(여아색동)

E5 전통한복 축하봉투(전통나비)

E6 전통한복 축하봉투

A nice thing about this just being paper, it is relatively cheaper to ship. So, buying a half a dozen a time would not cost more than $7.50 to ship to let's say USA.

I can always help purchasing stuff if you want to collect 

or use them for the Holidays. Shoot me an E-mail.

Email: akoreaninamerica@outlook.com



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