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미래의 선택


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Yoon Eun-HyeLee Dong-GunJung Yong-HwaHan Chae-AhChoi Myoung-Gil


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Raven's Reviews First Impressions

Asian movie drama Series review
 I only recommend this if you love the actors, otherwise you’re gonna be as annoyed as I am right now
Zombie mamma Series review
As much as I would like to say Marry Him If You Dare is one of my favorite dramas, the truth is, it’s not
Oishii thoughts Series review5.5 I would not recommend people to watch this unless they like that kind of dramas
Stone cities First Impressions As far as I can tell Marry Him if you Dare has two best friends – irony and fluff.
Stone cities Series review
What should have been a fun show with a heart turned out to be a show that changed its tune and then made a mess of the potential it had
Aimes and kidge Series review
Overall, it was worth watching. It's a good drama with some great character development, cute and fluffy moments and displays of manly sadness
Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching Disorder Series review Still I don’t consider this a waste of time because I liked the show enough to return each week
Rebzombie Series review Don’t you dare waste your time with Marry Him If You Dare
A for asian dramas Series review?
The cat that watches TV Series review6
Asian fanfics Series review 6
My Asian movie & drama Series review 4 such a boring drama. I wondered how I survived 16 hours of watching this
Nocturnal korean fan owls Series review
I honestly don’t know why I really like Marry Him If You Dare. There’s just something to it that I really like
International fangirl Series review
Although there were some good messages about becoming your own person, and about trying to change the world even if it's like pouring a little pure water into a polluted ocean, it just wasn't enough to counteract the drama's shortcomings
Pink podster ponders Series review
This is one drama to skip, unless you’re a Jung Yong Hwa fangirl (or fanboy) and just want to soak in all of his screen time
Daebak kpop Series review
International fangirl First Impressions
Kdrama fighting Series review
This series is just a pity.  It could (and should) have been so much better, but it just wasn't.
Asian-mmd Series review There isn’t any reason you will not love it. You are bound to fall for the story, the characters and the songs too.
mymyooz Mid-Series review

Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching Disorder First Impressions
Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching Disorder Preview


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