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별에서 온 그대 (2013) 한국드라마 영어 리뷰 모음

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39 Articles with 11 scored. Average Score of 8.68 of 10

Korean Title
별에서 온 그대


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Noonas over forksSeries review 7
Noonas over forksEpisode recaps
Zombie MammaSeries reviewif you’re looking for an amazing drama, unlike any other, that will keep you hitting the “next episode” button right up until the end,... Trust me on this one
Couch-kimchiRecaps & Reviews
The fangirl verdictSeries reviewdespite its flaws, YFAS raises some thought-provoking themes
Second Lead SyndromeSeries reviewI don’t get the popularity of “You who came from the stars” nor the hype over this drama
Second Lead SyndromeEpisode Reviews
Orion's RamblingsPreview
Orion's RamblingsFirst Look
Outside SeoulSeries reviewBIt was fun enough while it lasted, but the only thing I’m going to remember about it a month from now is how good Kim Soo Hyun looks in a suit
Souls rebelRecaps & Reviews
My myooz
Series review
Star unites two of my favorite star
Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review9.5 we got a funny punchline early on in the series but through each epilogue we also got to see different points of views or gain a greater insight to our characters
Drama babble
Series review

Korean Drama Reviews in English
Series review8 it’s well worth watching multiple times
Noona fan
Series review
 Actress Jun Ji Hyun and actor Kim Soo Hyun have wonderful on screen chemistry
Heidi's Kdramaland
Series review
made me laugh, cry, cheer, squeal (come on, eye candy was everywhere), cry again, and smile at the end
Nanyang chronicle
Series review
 The entire series could have done away with the science-fiction aspect altogether and it would still have been a great drama to watch
Asian fanfics
Series review
Strange vision
Series review
Despite all those loose ends, I really enjoyed this show a lot
Kdrama world
Series review
the writers and director did an amazing job of making it feel real. Towards the middle of the series, you forget that none of this is actually possible, and that aliens don’t actually roam Earth saving us and loving us
Views and Reviews
Series review8If not the love story, it made  for a good crime story!
International fangirl
Series review
it was a fantastic romance that will make you laugh out loud and get teary eyed
A dramatic life
Series review
This show truly is one easy to love and extremely hard to hate drama
Yellow Diary
Series review
F4 plus 1
Series review
I think that this drama is basically one of the best things ever
Moonlight Knight
Series review
A Spoon of Honey
Series review
well thought-out, well acted and directed, well written
Train To Seoul
Series review9.5watch this show, you won't regret
Carie's Review of Asian Dramas
Series review
Lace and fog
Series review
 I really do recommend it, even with the hap-hazard bits
A Milo Lifestyle
Series review
Drama slice
Series reviewA+ Best drama to date, really. But still, I think the ending could be polished a little bit more
Subtitle dreams
Series review8.5Okay, the last four hours were a drag, but so what!
Off the wall
Series review10It has the formula of making it big and it did
Korean drama reviews
Series review8This isn’t my favourite drama of all time but it was enjoyable
Drama Queen Review
Series reviewA+I freaking loved this show
Nani kani
Series review
a lot of people loved My Love From Another Star, but sadly, I'm not one of them
Chris Lives Korea
Series review
if you're looking for a big, expensive, and star-laden Korean drama ..., give Man From The Stars a try


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