Secret Love Affair /밀회 (2014) Review Collection

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Noonas over forksSeries review7
Despite the murky lighting and frustrating middle, ... left drama tropes in the dust, featured great performances and a very satisfying ending.
Outside SeoulEditorial 1
Outside SeoulEditorial 2

Outside SeoulSeries review10 Secret Love Affair’s few shortcomings can’t obscure its exquisitely crafted genius
Zombie MammaSeries review
 If, however, you are one who loves a slow-paced, uneventful drama that plods quietly along without any real direction or meaning, then Secret Love Affair is the drama for you
As I WatchFirst impressions
Obsessive Compulsive Kdrama Watching DisorderFirst impressions
dramababbleFirst impressions
Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review5
Kjt AmuserSeries review
The romance worked in this drama. The couple was compelling, likable and watchable. Most of the other characters were unlikable and not enjoyable to watch
My myoozFirst impressions

Stone citiesSeries review I really, really, really liked it
The fangirl verdictSeries review
 It doesn’t seek to make a moral judgment about adultery. The thing is, in life, people make mistakes
yoo ah in sik seek landSeries reviewdoubled the fun by amplifying the writing
Ent asiaSeries review9The sincere realism is, for lack of better words, unreal. Unrefined, raw tears and expressions awoke an unexpected, pensive nature inside of me
TrishjluvSeries review
I think the only thing that saved this drama from being a total flop for me was the acting.
K-drama mamaSeries review9Above all, the highlight of this drama is Yoo Ah-In's excellent acting
Daebak kpopSeries review

Streaming serendipitySeries review
But it will endure, pleasing those who stick with it and patiently giving from its depths. Good art is like that.
Towering lights02First impressions


K-Drama Today
The series isn’t for everyone...But for viewers who don’t mind the subtlety, it’s a gorgeous, hypnotic puzzle box about a relationship that looks a lot like true love.

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