The Korean drama pyramid: Korean dramas from top to bottom

Do you agree with this grouping of Korean dramas in terms of best to worst?
The top is the best while the worst is on the bottom. This is based on my Korean drama Rankings/Reviews Database data.
  1. [Best]  Cruel City / Heartless City, Answer Me 1997
  2. Cunning Single Lady/Sly and Single Again, Miss Korea, Marriage, Not Dating,  Arang and the Magistrate, It’s Okay, It’s Love ,Discovery of Romance ,I Hear Your Voice, Queen In Hyun’s Man
  3. Secret Love Affair, Let's Eat, Empress Ki, The King 2 Hearts, Answer Me, 1994/ Reply 1994, My Love from Another Star, Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, King of Dramas, Innocent Man/Nice Guy
  4. Angel Eyes , Dating Agency: Cyrano, Bride of the Century , Gentleman's Dignity, You're Surrounded, The Master's Sun, The Queen's Classroom, Can We Get Married?, Cheong-dam dong Alice
  5. The Joseon Shooter/Gunman , Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love, God's Gift - 14 Days , Rooftop Prince, Witch's Romance , Emergency Couple, Fated to Love You, I Need Romance 3, All About My Romance, Her Legend, Two Weeks
  6. Triangle, Good Doctor
  7.  Doctor Stranger, Suspicious Housemaid,  Gap Dong, Bridal Mask, A New Leaf, The Three Musketeers Season 1, IRIS 2, Heirs, You're The Best Lee Soon Shin, I Do, I Do, I Need Romance Series 2
  8. Big Man, (That Winter, The Wind Blows), Trot Lovers / Lovers Of Music, My Secret Hotel, Hotel King, Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation, Cheo Yong, The Prime Minister And I
  9. Marry Him If You Dare/ Mirae's Choice, Who are you?, Big
  10. [Worst] Bel Ami / Pretty Man,  Operation Proposal, Dream High 2

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  1. Nope, do not agree. I would not put Heartless City in "best" -maybe just a step lower-, would not put Bridal Mask lower than Cunning Single Lady, would not put Heirs on the same level as INR2, etc
    But then again it depends on the criteria. People that gave the grades don't grade the same. To make this kind of pyramid, I think a certain number of people should be given all those titles, a set of criteria and then asked to give grades according to a "scale".
    That said, I do really appreciate your indexing reviews =)

  2. How can you even rate dramas? What are the criteria? Your likes/dislikes? This is just SO WRONG on oh so many levels.
    Of course, I disagree with you. Gentlemen's Dignity should be #1... from the bottom. The worst drama ever made.
    On the whole though, you have the worst taste in dramas. Even for a guy.

    I agree with Mila as well.