The Suspicious Housekeeper 수상한 가정부 (2013): Korean Drama Review Collection & Ranking

수상한 가정부 (2013) 한국 드라마 리뷰 모음

Korean drama rating

 15 Articles with 10 scored. Average Score of 7.86 of 10

Korean Title
수상한 가정부


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Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review6.5
I think it’s important not to forget that there is a fairy tale-like quality to the drama
K-dramalandSeries review
If you wish to watch something original and different, try this drama and see how you like it
Kaede+JunFirst Impressions6
The talking cupboardFirst Impressions

Korea SmileSeries review9 This drama is all about details and meanings
Kdrama loveSeries review
 All the characters undergo a tremendous amount of personal growth, which is emotionally fulfilling to the audience. The ending is extremely beautiful
To seoulSeries review7It’s not for everyone, especially if you’re a lot more interested in idol dramas
Oishii thoughtsSeries review7it really is a new kind of drama, much different than the usual Korean melodrama
Drama addictionSeries review9It doesnt have the in your face romance that some dramas have, and it isnt cheesy to the point where you cant bare it anymore
Aimes and kidgeSeries review
I feel that there are issues with pacing in this show and for some people, the sheer oddity of its characters and premise might be difficult to overcome
Drama creamSeries review8It is a drama that keeps me captivated especially at the start
Train To SeoulSeries review9.5I love drama without the theme of love once in a while as korean dramas are known for having love as the major theme in almost every drama so this actually made me happy to just watch a drama with a theme of family
Ginkgo hillSeries review8

Lilac ReelSeries review8.5the thing that actually capture our heart are the characters in the drama



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