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Orion's Ramblings

is much better a series than most Korean dramas

Landscape Plotted and Pieced

unless you are especially interested in political intrigue dramas or want to see any of the actors in this show, I wouldn't recommend it

Second Lead Syndrome

on the thin edge of yay or nay

Subjective insights

what made this show classic (other than all the formal wear) and heart warming is the great lengths many not one, embarked on to protect someone they deemed as important

Asia otp

The story is a masterpiece in politics and economics

The au review

 an action jam-packed, mysterious drama that would make you glued into your seat in awe

A spoonful of Honey

The series is very interesting, insightful, and even chilling

Mel reading corner

 I waited with anticipation for the airing of this drama and I was glad it delivered and that Yoo-chun's acting skill is getting better and better

Ent asia

A pleasant action-thriller for those rainy days

Vera Marisa

 a must watch drama in my opinion

See you on Mars

 it was thrilling to watch with a lot of plot twists while still being touching

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