Introducing 2 x "Spy" First Impressions by [Underground K-Drama & Orion's Ramblings]

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Spy (2015) is a new KBS2 Friday Korean drama. The concept of a Friday #Kdrama is so weird for me since I grew up with only Monday to Thursday shows in addition to weekend shows. Friday was for nothing. Now it seems like they dump bad shows on Friday which is also a practice in America.

"Spy" ... I have only seen one episode of the show and it just feels like a somber toned but obviously pulpy spy show in the vein of a lot of American shows. However, there is not the spark to it that make great shows out of just run of the mill shows that get canceled after half a season.

I personally have never been into Kim Jae-Joong. He was in Triangle (2014) and Dr. Jin (2012) and was the weakest link in those shows. Personally, there are at least a dozen of second lead Korean actresses I would give starring roles over Kim Jae-Joong.

I have a Dr. Jin (2012) review/editorial on my blog if you want to read it.[link]

From what I could tell, Spy (2015) is your typical double identity spy show but the mother is the  one with the double identity. Think if the son of the "The Americans" (2013-) went into the CIA!

One thing that seem good about the show is that it has an above 50 female veteran actress at the forefront of the show. And this is not your typical family Kdrama.  Bae Jong-Ok has been acting all my life. Bae Jong-Ok has been in shows such as Wonderful Mama (2013) and That Winter, The Wind Blows  (2013). I am not sure I buy her as a former spy though.

Since I have not seen much of the show, I will have to rely on other bloggers. However, the response for the show on the web has been oddly silent. However, the first impressions are starting to trickle out.

You have one from Underground kdrama. It is extremely fangirly  so take it as you may. The response is very positive. Here is a link to the article. [link]

You have Orion's Ramblings' article. Orion's Ramblings has been pumping out content for Han-cinema for years now. Impressed! The article is positive with some reservations. Here is a link to the article. [link]

Underground kdrama is a Korean drama blog with an Alexa ranking of 12,659,584. I am new to this blog so go visit some time.

Orion's Ramblings is one of the corner stones of the Kdrama community. She actually gets paid although pittances according to her for her content.  The personal blog is However, most of the content is hosted on

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