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The Korean drama "Birth of a Beauty" (2014) was a very odd show that I think had no real initial conceit to the show. I only watched like 6 or 7 episodes of the show but oddly the show seemed to run through the initial premise in 4 episodes and then "jumped the shark" after that!

Is it that difficult to stick to a premise for 16 to 20 hour show?

However it seems like the people who stayed with it liked it. Or it could be the case of "Stockholm syndrome"!
I have 3 new reviews here from more patient or with more time on their hands bloggers.
They tend to be generally positive.

We have Latte and stilettos who gives this show a 10/10 which seems overtly biased since there should really be very few examples of a 10/10 show and this is not one of those.

Latte and stilettos

Latte and stilettos is a blog with an Alexa rank of 27,022,081th in the world. It is more fangirl centric than most I think.

DramaGirl gives a less ecstatic review of the show but still warmish.
It did drag in the later episodes. But I actually enjoyed this drama a lot.

DramaGirl  is a relatively new blog with little footprints yet to leave on the beaches of the web. It does not have an Alexa rank yet
Keeping my memories
Another warmish review by Keeping my memories.
This drama does not has an interesting plot and I have seen drama with similar plots before. However, what is worthy to watch is their acting skills.
But still gives it a 4/5 which is still high in my opinion even according to the contents of this review. At best it seems like a 3/5. But what do I know?

Keeping my memories is a blog with an Alexa rank of 19,283,629 th in the world.

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