"A Walk though the Modern Korean Drama History" Project: Choose classic shows

Hello. I am thinking of doing a review series of the early years of modern Korean dramas. At first, I want to start with 2000 A.D. and move foreword watching classic Korean dramas. What is the definition of "classic"? ....

This is a difficult question. Not sure about that yet. Some are just popular and some could have more of a historical significance because it represents a specific movement in Korean dramas in general.

Considering the total amount of time required. I am thinking of covering 2 Classics per year. I am only considering those shows that are easily accessible online. The issue is that I am not sure what to choose starting from 2002 when there are more shows that could be considered. To be honest, about half of the Korean dramas that were made every year are totally foreign to me. Thus, I need help with this classic selection. I am limiting it to miniseries and excluding full series and daily shows. There is simply not enough time for those.

List in the comment section what you consider a classic every year. Limit your selection per year to about 3 shows! Currently, I'm only receiving recommendations upto 2004.



Autumn in my Heart / Autumn in the Heart / Autumn Fairy Tale 가을동화
All About Eve 이브의 모든것

Hotelier 호텔리어
Beautiful Days 아름다운 날들

Romance 로망스
Winter Sonata 겨울연가
Successful Story of a Bright Girl 명랑소녀 성공기

Summer Scent 여름향기
All In 올인
Damo: The Undercover Lady Detective 다모
Stairway to Heaven 천국의 계단
Punch 때려
Love Letter 러브레터My Fair Lady 요조숙녀
Breathless 나는 달린다
Attic Cat 옥탑방 고양이
Bodyguard 보디가드

Phoenix 불새
Lovers in Paris 파리의 연인  (Review link)
Full House 풀 하우스
Love Story in Harvard 러브 스토리 인 하버드
Save the Last Dance With Me 마지막 춤은 나와 함께
Sweet 18 낭랑18세
First Love of a Royal Prince 황태자의 첫사랑  (Review link)
Ireland 아일랜드
Magic 매직
My 19 Year Old Sister in Law 형수님은 열아홉
What Happened In Bali 발리에서 생긴 일
I'm Sorry, I Love You 미안하다, 사랑한다
Tell Me You Love Me 사랑한다 말해줘
Oh! Phil Seung And Bong Soon Young 오! 필승 봉순영Ms. Kim's Million Dollar Quest

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  1. Good review, humorous, and you even used the 'funny' font. lol. What I don't get is that title. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the theme or chicken. I'm wondering if Bae Soo Bin will strike a romance with the eldest daughter. And if the youngest is the main protagonist that's rather annoying because she's still in High School. Unless there is a time skip.

  2. You rock dude. I'll try to think of some of my faves. : D

  3. anonymous4GPentingBlogFebruary 6, 2015 at 5:51 PM

    This kdrama is good. I never get confuse in watching it. This is a family drama that main lead would not be a pair in love but two people who someday will fight each other (lee son jung vs Woon Tak). Yes, the triad is the reason why this kdrama has heart.

    But in episode 5, we get lee pil mo!!

  4. I agree with you on some points (the youngest daughter is irritating as hell) but the main story (Woon Tak and his passion) kept me interested till the very end. I loved the story, loved the main characters. I think the drama would get higher ratings if they just concentrated on the Woon Tak's passion other than the younger sister and the whole criminal ordeal.

    What do I like about Woon Tak so much? It is amazing that being a criminal and doing so many nasty things, he is portrayed as a love-crazy obsessive guy who loves his wife enough not to let her go yet not enough to protect her from his psycho mother. This type of men (even though dangerous in real life) is very appealing on the screen. It is almost like seeing a beautiful yet unhealthy abusive relationship - interesting and intriguing.

  5. It is great that you ended up keep watching the show. I stopped after writing the first impression

  6. That's because you are a guy ;-) I would never stop watching anything with a handsome guy and the actor who plays WoonTak is one hell of a guy. He is sexy too. BTW, the actress who plays his wife is unbelievably beautiful. Coming from a woman this is a compliment, since all girls think other girls are ugly.

  7. Lee Pil Mo is not that sexy. I want Lee Min Ho.

  8. That's the same as I see all girls. they are ugly! lol
    I also think I'm ugly!

  9. Omo, omo! You cannot think ALL girls are ugly! Some are really ippo!
    You are not ugly, you look cute. Chincha. :-)

  10. ;P
    I have high standards with looks.
    Still it is not enough to watch a show.