Introducing Emergency Couple (2014) Review by [A CUP OF MILKTEA]: Korean Drama

Introducing Emergency Couple (2014) Review  by [A CUP OF MILKTEA]: Korean Drama 

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Emergency Couple (2014)? That Korean medical show which aired last year.

Did you see it?

It aired on tvN and I have been having serious issues with that cable network since Basketball (2013) I think...
I liked the I Need Romance Series and Queen In-Hyun's Man (2012). However, I Need Romance 3 broke my interest in the cable network. Around the turn of 2013 or so, there seems to be a massive creative change in that network.

How about you?
Like tvN?

In any case, I stopped watching Emergency Couple (2014) because it was too over the top for my tastes in medical shows. To be frank, the only thing really good about the show was Choi Yeo-Jin who continues to do good work that no one seems to notice.

Emergency Couple (2014) stars  Song Ji-Hyo and Choi Jin-Hyuk.
Song Ji-Hyo can be seen in The Fugitive of Joseon  (2013) and Gye-Baek (2011)
Choi Jin-Hyuk can be seen in Pride and Prejudice (2014)

I have a Review collection for the show out. It currently has an average of

Not great for a year when there was considerable score inflation. More fan girl reviews who tend to skew high in terms of giving out scores. What can you do?

Here is a link to the Review collection. [link]

Late to the game, A CUP OF MILKTEA adds another review!!
It is rather positive with a score of 7 out of 10.
 If you are bored with Cinderella dramas (e.g: The Heirs), watch Emergency Couple. This is a drama with realistic and mature love story

Here is a link to it. [link]

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