Seen Gloria (2010)? Korean Drama Review by [Crazy for kdrama]

Have you seen Gloria (2010), the 50 episode Korean drama about the old club scene in Korea? 

What can you say about Gloria (2010)? It is about the singers and staff that work in seedy clubs where it is common to find yourself when you are a "Has bee" singer. Well it is set a few decades ago.

The show stars Bae Doo-Na who is now a well known international actress in movies such as Cloud Atlas (2012).  Gloria (2010) is actually her last Korea drama before she went movie star full time. For a 50 episode show, it is somewhat long and there is a lot of filler but the show is good overasll. I cannot say the same thing about the singing in the show.

Just say do not quit your day job.

Also, you do not need to keep using the song "Gloria" because you bought the rights!

I would actaully review this show if I had the time to rewatch it. However, it is 50 episodes and I am backlogged with reviews. So, I have to leave this task to other bloggers.

Here is a review of the Korean drama by Crazy for kdrama.
If you are interested, click here to read the review! [link]

Crazy for kdrama is a prolific Korean drama blog with their own podcast. Its Alexa ranking is 3.7 million-th in the world which is not bad for a hobby blog. Go visit the site some time!

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