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Good Vs.Terrible: Greatest Marriage (2014) Reviews

최고의 결혼 리뷰

Greatest Marriage (2014) was Park Si-Yeon's first starring role after her legal problems. Park Si-Yeon first caught my eye after Coffee House (2010).

I enjoyed that show a lot and was impressed by her comedic sense. She followed that role with  The Innocent Man (2012) as the second female lead. That show was Moon Chae-Won's show. Sadly I have not found another show of her that I enjoyed much.

She had not done much comedy since or before Coffee House (2010). The closest I got to a decent show of hers was A Man's Story (2009) starring the late Park Yong HaPark Si-Yeon was more of a noir dame or a  femme fatal in that show. She was decent and the show was ok initially but went off the rails with the Sociopath plot line.

What is Greatest Marriage (2014) about?

Personally I do not really know since I dropped the show after 2 episodes. It seems to be a rise after a fall type of story for Park Si-Yeon's character after she gives birth out of wedlock.

Wedlock is a funny word!

The show was too crazy and over the top! If I think about it, I have not enjoyed any of the shows produced by TV Chosun. This cable network seems to make really really SOAPY shows like Bride of the Century  (2014). Greatest Marriage (2014) was same for me. It may be a decent show but I could not get over the hurdle of the hyper melodrama-ness of this show.

However, some do not have the same problem as me. The show ended at the end of last year and the reviews are slowing very slowly being uploaded to the web. Actaully, I have only found 3 full written series reviews via Google upto this point.

That is not a great thing for the show

However, the ones I found seems to be mixed.

Team Good!
On one side we have "it was Okay" with a review by Asian movie drama who tends to be always decently reliable. Here is the link to "if you’re looking for a childish view of really mature matters, then you will surely enjoy it." [link]

Asian movie drama has an Alexa ranking of 3,16 million-th in the world which is not bad for a hobby blog! Go read the stuff there!

Team Terrible!
On the other side, you have trishjluv. Here is the link to " Possibly one of the worst drama endings ever"! [link]

trishjluv has performed a massive jump in the Alexa ranking over the last few month. It is currently 486,973th ranked in the world. This is one of the highest Alexa ranking Korean drama blogs I know at the moment. Interesting? 

What do you think?

Did you finish Greatest Marriage (2014) ?

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1 comment:

  1. Oh gosh, I finished it to the train wreck, soapy. Makjang, end! I couldn't help it, I really like the three leads. The writer seriously must HATE men , because they were all awful caricatures-whiny, needy, screaming, sexist pig sad sacks. And just when you found one you could root for, they're personality was turned on its ear. The women were smarter, but just as immature.
    I know in reality, people have crazy living situations, but this was the worst. The end...I would have took my precious child and hid myself across the globe from ALL of these freaks. Not skipped down the road with the 2 men who caused so much hurt.
    I hate to poke at people's looks, but the 2nd lead girl-surgery much? She just looks scary. It added to her vicious character.