It’s Okay, It’s Love (2014) review by [Kdrama rama]

Here is another late to the game It’s Okay, It’s Love (2014) review! lol
It has been a bit since I updated my Korean drama Review Collection page for this show but I have gather a few reviews to add. This seems to be a fangirl favorite show! As a guy, I do no really get it but it is not for me.

Here is a link to me Korean drama Review Collection page for this show! [link]

Should update that page!

Oddly enough, it seems not that popular with older females in Korea too! But it may be just that the people I asked were more mature drama oriented.

Back to the point of this news post. Here is the review by  Kdrama rama [link]  She also seems to have a video review!

Kdrama rama has an Alexa ranking of 16.73 million-th rank and still has a way to go in the blogging world!

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