Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) by [The cat that watches TV] &[LeeJIN]

(NEWS) #Kdrama #KoreanDrama First Impression Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) by [The cat that watches TV]

The Great cat brings you an impression of a new 2015 Korean drama called "kill me, heal me" (2015). I have not seen the first few episodes even though I have them. So, cannot say anything about the show. However, I think the mental health care profession in Korea is a joke and more so on Korean drama! Hey I'm calling you out "Heart to Heart" (2015) on tvN!!!!!

In any case, this is The cat that watches TV's impressions of the first two episodes. All bow down to the great feline!

Here is a link to this article!!! [link]

The cat that watches TV is a prolific blogger and reviewer! The blog as an Alexa ranking of 3.8 million-th in the world with a USA Ranking of 1.28 million-th. It is not a bad score although is has dropped a bit over the months.

(NEWS) #Kdrama #KoreanDrama First Impression Kill Me, Heal Me (2015) by [LeeJIN]

LeeJIN also wrote up an impression piece about the first two episodes of "kill me, heal me" (2015). LeeJIN is a Korean drama blog with a Alaxa rank of 5.8 million-th rank,
Here is the link to the article! [link]

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