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드라마의 제왕 (2012) 한국 드라마 #Kdrama 리뷰 모음

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드라마의 제왕


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The fangirl verdictSeries reviewA-
Flawed, but still fun
Carrot Blossom PatchSeries review

Kaede+JunSeries review8It’s one of those dramas that if you can sit back and just enjoy, and watch out for the little inside jokes on the entertainment industry, you’d have a heck of a time with it
Kdrama dreamerSeries review8This drama has a quite interesting love story
Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review8Despite the disappointments, the drama gives the viewer glimpses into the different phases of a drama production and the various hurdles they faced 
K-Drama CentralSeries review
K-dramalandSeries review
if you guys are curious about the process of drama-making in Korea, you can always take a look at this drama.
Kjt AmuserSeries review

Orion's RamblingsSeries review
This is a good drama let down by a few bad calls
Asian dramas take2Series review9It was sweet, happening and great but at the same time it was pretty simple and plain too
Abby in Hallyu-landSeries review
It was a drama about making a drama, and that has made this work interesting
All news plusSeries review9.6It was sweet, happening and great but at the same time it was pretty simple and plain too
Worlds withinSeries review8I was pleasantly surprised by the rapport and chemistry between these three as they came melded together as a cast

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