Introduction to 2 Misaeng themed Features! Job Seeking and Being a Women in Korea by [Hi expat & beyond hallyu]

As the popularity rises, the internet is getting more #Misaeng themed Feature mostly about the Korean working environment because of the subject matter and the Korean working environment is seen to be not great mostly because the people suck!


Jokes aside, the people tend to be the biggest issues to enjoying your work in addition to long hours and low pay!
It is the people that you cannot really stand. But that is just Koreans and Korean society.

This type of theme features can be informational but also somewhat broad and do not get to the heart of the issues they are talking about. How about theses?

One feature is from Hi expat Dot Com titled: 

Life of a Misaeng: The Hardships of Job Seeking

Hi expat Dot Com is an employment site with an Alexa ranking of 50,016.

It provides the general employment information about situation in Korea. It does not go into detail and is just your average how to piece. However, it may be interesting to see how we here do it!

Beyond hallyu on the other hand is a Korean culture site which covers a wide area including Kpop and Korean dramas. This article is about the Korean Women situation in the work place here in Korea. It is also broad but less technical than the Hi expat Dot Com piece

It is titled:

Misaeng: Women in the corporate world of South Korea

Beyond hallyu has an alexa ranking of 727,782th in the world which is high for a Korean culture in English site. It is far better than my rank. Don't ask!

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