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Yoon Tae-Ho (original comic), Jung Yoon-Jung


Drama Chronicles
It's more like they would say "a slice of life"... It is very simple, very human, no dramatic characters or chaebol, nor poor simple girl who can't wait to fall in love with a handsome guy
Abby in Hallyu-land
Misaeng is no frills, never superficial and all heart and a must watch for all of us on board and soon to be boarding on the corporate world

A Fairytale World
Misaeng is an absolutely amazing drama, just that it didn’t turn out that way for me. There were parts that I loved from the drama but there was a lot of it that didn’t work out for me. 

Subjective insights
With great casting and different characters being protagonists at different instances of the drama, it will outweigh the feeling of repetitiveness.

We eat lemon
a well crafted drama that you don't see all too often
Train To Seoul
I think it's lack of huge drama (you know, stuff like revenge/fighting over power/cheating spouse and other dramas we see in drama land)  is something that attracted a huge part of me

Misaeng was a wonderful journey

The Drama corner
blessed with excellent performances

Drama Views
A good drama indeed

daebak kpop
The drama certainly didn’t let me down and the cinematography and music all made us feel for the situations, the people even though the environment itself is cold and unfeeling

Older Revews
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Noonas overforksSeries review
 I have to commend “Misaeng” not for only the great direction, and the consistent visuals, but also for how ambitious it was in trying something new, and succeeding so well
Drama addictionSeries review
 From start to finish I found myself entertained and emotionally invested in the story and characters
Drama for realSeries review
a great piece to end the year on
The East West DramalitySeries review

Orange jasmine purple yamEditorial

Kdrama endingsMid run review
 In spite of a promising first episode which started in Egypt, I got turned off by the extra slow pace of the show and the fact that most of it took place in the workplace
Musings of a ChunkeemonkeeatoSeries review10I so loved this drama and the themes depicted in it that I bought the manhwa series and am aiming to start reading it later this month
Orion's RamblingsSeries review
If there is such a thing as a drama masterpiece, "Incomplete Life" would be very close to it
Wandering thoughts...my K-WorldSeries review
Misaeng is a drama about life. A drama that left a positive lesson to a viewer. Not to give up hope but to persevere
JAMES VONGPHRACHANHSeries review10This drama was smart, deep, funny and relatable. Wish it had more episodes, highly recommend it.
Nine degrees in tokyoSeries review9.8This is EXACTLY the kind of drama Korea should produce. I hope this set a precedence.

when.life.meets.meMid run review9
ザラ ZARA NotesSeries review

Hi expatEditorial
Life of a Misaeng: The Hardships of Job Seeking
Beyond hallyuEditorial
Misaeng: Women in the corporate world of South Korea

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