Mister Baek (2014) Review by [Orion's Ramblings]

Mister Baek (2014) Review by [Orion's Ramblings]

Mister Baek (2014) is one of those Korean dramas that start out with a lot of chatter and then you hear nothing about it when it ends. For myself, I dropped the show after 6 episodes since I thought it ran through the standard plot for this "regaining youth" concept very haphazardly.

I was never into the show from the start since Mister Baek (2014) seemed to go for the cheese hardcore. While I do enjoy Shin Ha-Kyun for most of his role, he chewed up the scenery way too much from the start of the show. It is like seeing sir Ben Kingsley in the terrible direct to dvd movies he had done for the paycheck. 

The show ended about a month ago, and only one series review could be found via Google! 
It is a review by Orion's Ramblings who is always prolific. 
a classic example of a drama which seems like it has no idea where to go and what to do.
Considering the content of the review, we may share similar opinions of the show but I only had to suffer through 6 episodes. So, I think I got the better end of the deal. Here is a link to the review [link]

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