Introducing Pinocchio (2014) 3x Reviews by [Beatus corner & etc.]

Introducing Pinocchio (2014) 3x Reviews

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Have you seen Pinocchio (2014) Korean drama?  I haven't!
The title is rather odd so I looked the show up and it is there because Park Shin-Hye's character hiccups whenever she lies. My response was that "That's stupid!"
Pinocchio Syndrome, lol!

The plot description was your typical Korean drama plot with destiny matches, adoption, lost relatives. The gimmick this show has was the so called "Pinocchio Syndrome" which according to Google does not exist and is not a medical condition.

There are some loose social uses of the name to represent habitual lying or as a TV trope of wanting to be human.

In any case, I was not interested and I have never been interested in Lee Jong-SukPark Shin-Hye is just ok in my eyes. So, I skimmed through the first episode and lost interest.

The show has ended its run and the question is "should I go back?"

For those who are in the same position I am in, here are 3 reviews by Korean drama Bloggers.

F4plus1 says that it is similar to I Hear Your Voice and gives a positive review. F4plus1 has an Alexa rank of 14,908,620th in the world which is not high for a hobby blog, The blog has a decent number of reviews but I have not been following the site for long.
Here is a link. [link]

Jessica Le is a new blog for me. It is not a Korean drama blog and I think this is the first Korean drama review on the site. However, it is one of the few early reviews. The Review it scattered but okay to read and it gives a positive review. Here is a link. [link]

According to Beatus corner
Pinocchio is a gem drama about the reporters’ world, power of family and young people’s dreams in chasing the truth
Well it is high praise for a show but I have not seen a Korean drams that was actually about things as I think the review is saying. In any case, the reviewer really seems to like the show.Beatus corner has an Alexa ranking of 933,323th in the world which is great for a hobby blog.
 Here is a link [link]

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