Introducing THE First Pinocchio Review by [Train To Seoul] : Korean drama!

Introducing THE First Pinocchio Review by [Train To Seoul] : #Kdrama!

#ParkShinHye  #LeeJongSuk

Since it had just ended its run rather in a rush this week, the honor of getting out the first review of Pinocchio (2014) is given to Train To Seoul!

Considering that Pinocchio (2014) started on November 12 and it is a 20 episode show, it was a really hectic run! Props for the creative team for shoveling this show out on time!

I was not caught up by this show like most others. I watched the first episode and had no idea what was going on.

Park Shin-Hye, who I did not dislike as an actress, was looking weird and I do not like Lee Jong-Suk! Never did! But I'm a dude and this show is simply not for me I think.

#ParkShinHye was in The Heirs and Heartstrings
 #LeeJongSuk was in Doctor Stranger and I Can Hear Your Voice

So both were in shows that i don't have high opinions about!

Still have no idea what this show is about.

Is it about broadcast journalism?

Well in Korea that is a joke profession with huge amount of politicized socialists in the field. Also, no one seems to know the difference between fact and personal opinions whether they be of the person saying them or of the stations'.

A thing that turns me off!

Never really liked broadcast journalism's self congratulatory stuff!

Instead I go for the writer's  congratulatory stuff!
I am a writer so I am biased for writer-y type stories.
Read my 9 end 2 out review! I drool over the writer-y stuff.

Back to the guest of honor Train To Seoul. The review is rather positive and here is the review. Click here [link]

Train To Seoul is a Korean drama blogger who has been really active in 2014. The site does not have a Alexa Ranking yet!

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