Pride and Prejudice Review by [Kaede+Jun]

Pride and Prejudice Review by [Kaede+Jun]

Pride and Prejudice is a Korean drama that irks me because it reminded me of the poor naming habits of Korean dramas. What is with Pride and Prejudice?

Was Sense and Sensibility taken?

I know that Jane Austen is the basis for most Korean drama but still...

I would take Crime and Punishment over Pride and Prejudice!

Any case, here is a review by Kaede+Jun! This blog has an Alexa ranking of 2,337,946th in the world which is goood for a hobby blog. I enjoy their site!

The script and the direction was certainly lacking in some levels, with awkward edits, abrupt scenes, and far too confusing storytelling with even more confused characters.

So, They did not enjoy the show much!
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