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Korean Title
그 겨울, 바람이 분다


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The fangirl verdictSeries review
Starts strong and quite wonderfully even, but also falters quite spectacularly towards the end
Outside SeoulSeries reviewB- Thanks to its tight focus and darker sensibilities, it sidesteps many of the problems that plague the drama
Kaede+JunSeries review5.5
Asian Reviewer Maniac!!Series review8I absolutely loved the drama, until we reached the last 2-3 episodes
Shine a light roseSeries review6
A CUP OF MILKTEASeries review8
Sign I Love KdramasSeries review
This is not a very predictable drama and I am sure you will also find it enjoyable!!
I heart show loSeries review9.5
Girl in soreaSeries review

The common roomSeries review

Abby in Hallyu-landSeries review
a poignant love drama that will make you remember how you were scared to start a love you were unsure of, and how you took the odds to claim it
ATK magazineSeries review

TrishjluvSeries review9I just absolutely loved this drama
Creating Volumes Series review
What the drama did well it did very well indeed, but where it slipped up it was horrid
RedliffSeries review9
A Shot of DramaSeries review8Even thought the story is a bit on the heavy side, it was very well done 
Keep me hungrySeries review
The first half is better than the second in my opinion
Fly Like The BirdsSeries review

The kdramalogistSeries review
It can be argued that it takes a dive towards the end, but I like that
Red zombieSeries review

THISKNEE LANDSeries review

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