The Family is coming (2015) Episode 3 Korean Drama Recap

What happened last Episode?

The Family is coming (2015) Episode 3 Recap

Hello. This is Professor AKIA Talking and this is my first attempt at a recap of the Korean drama. I’m just jumping in here so expect crazy stuff to happen!

This is a recap of episode 3 and I actually just noticed that there seems to be episode titles! Missed that with previous episodes. The title of episode 3 is

Those who believe
Those who do not believe
Those who want to believe

This does seem to be an apt title for this episode as the bulk of the episode is centered about the subplot of “Does the grandmother, Jung Kkeut-Soon, have the money to support her stated intentions for meeting her family or is she bluffing?”

For myself, this subplot is getting old fast. It is closely tied to the mystery surrounding Jung Kkeut-Soon.

Who is she?
What type of Japanese Drama character is she?

I mentioned this in the recap of episode 2.  The down side of this approach is that the portrayal of Jung Kkeut-Soon is not always consistent in the show. She is sometimes wacky. She is sometimes plain.  This causes the show to have problems with integrating her character with the other plots and subplot as a central scene anchoring character and not just as a concept. As a concept, Jung Kkeut-Soon works fine enough.

 Let’s get to this episode’s plots.

Jung Kkeut-Soon’s main plot
The main , Jung Kkeut-Soon’s plot of dealing with her family in regards to their inheritance takes up about 20 minutes of this episode. It has two purposes. The first is to provide some back story in regard to the “Origin” of Jung Kkeut-Soon.

Why did she leave her family?

It seems that she was framed of having an affair with one of her husband’s friends and trying to get rid of her husband by informing on him to the government 50 years ago. That period was only about a decade since the Korea war and being informed upon as a Communist is the huge thing.

Now, being called out as a communist is just meah!
More than half of the politicians in Korea are communist sympathizers or at the minimum socialists. So… you get the idea!

This part of  Jung Kkeut-Soon’s plot this episode creates a subplot of her grandson receiving a mission of finding someone who can tell the truth about what happened. Let’s call this subplot “missing person”.

The second function of the Jung Kkeut-Soon’s plot in this episode is to keep going with the whole “does she have money or not” subplot.  Jung Kkeut-Soon shows her family a fancy hotel she owns stock in but no one knows how much stock she actually has. Thus, the suspicions are not being relieved. Rather, the daughter’s investigation seems to point in the direction of  Jung Kkeut-Soon bluffing. Thus, even though Jung Kkeut-Soon says she is going to let only two people who solve 5 problems she has in sealed envelopes, the family is not sure whether to believe this or not.

Jung Kkeut-Soon’s plot ends at this point in episode 3.

The Con plot
Compared to episode 2, this episode has more of the Con plot for two purposes. The first is to inflame the suspicion of the audience. As with the family members, the con-artist siblings are not sure about Jung Kkeut-Soon’s wealth. She either has no officially listed wealth or she is hiding it. As a result, the audience is also confused.

The other purpose is to actually soften the image of the con-artist siblings. Up to this point, the adopted son, Jung Joon-A, has been portrayed as a total dirt bag. In this episode, the show tries to turn him into a lovable rouge goofball. He also goes on a little subplot of his own where he tries to get a sales position to impress Jung Kkeut-Soon. This basically becomes a slapstick comedy subplot. At this point, I am not sure if this will be a throwaway subplot or if it will continue.

We also get to know that Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson is his actual sister and not just a pseudo one. It is also shown that, under his douchebag surface, he somewhat cares for both Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson and  Jung Kkeut-Soon . However, I am getting irritated with him keep calling her “sister” in English.  It like a Korean keep calling me “bro”. Just doesn’t work organically.

This softening up and developing characters aspect of this episode is also applied to Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson as we see her continuously be nervous about getting found out as the fraud she is. We also get to know that she used to have dreams of being a fashion designer through an “out of the blue” fashion show with Jung Kkeut-Soon’s daughter in law’s wardrobe she reforms for her.

The subplot of Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson’s dead family also gets some attention as we find out that her mother used to be a “great” designer according to Jung Joon-A. This plot also creates a subplot of “will she or will she not apply for a fashion designer position”.  Will need to wait and see if this subplot is actually a plot or just an information delivery device.

Oh and while we mention the creation of subplots, this Con plot also gives birth to a “Husband wanting a divorce” subplot as the con-siblings try to weasel out some information regarding Jung Kkeut-Soon’s wealth by inciting the daughter, Choi Dal-Ja, to entice her father in to divorcing her mother, Jung Kkeut-Soon . Where this subplot will go seems to be tied to the whole “Truth” of the main Jung Kkeut-Soon’s plot. The Con plot takes up about 20 minutes of the episode.

The relationship plot
In regards to the other family members, most just play extras in the main plots except for the grandson. The relationship between Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson and Choi Dong-Suk started in this episode with an out of nowhere Kendo sparing match where Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson  says to Choi Dong-Suk that he should either believe his grandmother or not. He needs to make a decision and stick with it.

Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson  also sees the drawing of her on his wall and ponders it. Later, Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson and Choi Dong-Suk talk about it. It ends up being that Choi Dong-Suk had a dream about this person when he was in Junior high school. He has been drawing her face ever since then. It is a coincidence that the two look so much alike. The two wonder about this “coincidence”. But if you know anything about this type of Korean dramas, there is no coincidence for this type of thing. Everyone is connected somehow. The world of Korean dramas is so incestuous figuratively speaking.

The two end up bonding talking about his dreams of being an artist and her forgotten dreams which we assume was being a fashion designer. That is the end with the main plots of this episode.

The subplots
We already talked about the new subplots such as “missing person”,  the “Husband wanting a divorce”, “getting a sales job”, and “will she or will she not apply for a fashion designer position” subplots.

The “missing person” has a little more development as we find out who the male boarder of the family is. The young man, Cha Hak-Yeon, seems to be a cop as Choi Dong-Suk goes to him for advance in finding the person he is task to find.  That is it! I am not sure why this person is in the cast for just once scene of this episode. You just know either they will do nothing with him or he will be a surprise that ties everything together. Also, at the end of the episode, Choi Dong-Suk stumbles upon information regarding where that person is. The person he is looking for is on his death bed!

Of course he is!

Episode 3 is all about stoking the flames of suspicion and actually softening up the so called “villain” characters. I am not sure about this direction. The episode loses some momentum and Jung Kkeut-Soon is tone down from previous episodes. Considering she is the sun the whole show orbits around this is not a great thing.

While the episode was somewhat slow relative to the other episodes, it still moves at a decent pace. I just don’t want the show to drag along the “does she have money or not” subplot!

Thank you for reading this recap of episode 3 of “The Family is coming” (2015). 

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