The Family is coming (2015) Episode 4 Korean Drama Recap

The Family is coming (2015) Episode 4 Korean Drama Recap

What happened last Episode?

The Family is coming (2015) Episode 4 Recap

Hello. This is Professor AKIA Talking and this is a recap of episode 4. The title of this episode is

Find the truth of the 20 million dollars!

And this is a decent title for this episode as it is like an end of the first act as the shenanigans surrounding the question of whether the money exists gets solved at least for a while. Who knows how this will end up?

At the same time, after this episode, the basic character dynamic driving the show has been solidified as a trinity of Jung Kkeut-Soon at the center with Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson and Choi Dong-Suk at each flank of her. Both of the younger characters are in a cooperative relationship with the older Jung Kkeut-Soon but in their own unique way. At the same time, the two younger characters have their own budding bond developing.

This trinity in a way acts as a character on its own leading the show with all the other characters delegated to supporting functions that come up front only when the episodes require them to do so. In Korean dramas, this trinity setup with an older character at the center is rather unique. It is actually great to see an older actress at the core of a show.

In any case, let’s get to the episode.

 Compared to the previous episodes, episode 4 has much less plots and subplots weaving around at the same time. In a lot of ways, this is an effect of the plots of the trinity merging together.

Jung Kkeut-Soon’s main plot
The episode starts off with the family slowly coming to the conclusion that Jung Kkeut-Soon does not have the money that she claimed she had. This oddly creates an atmosphere that is more friendly towards familiar bonding at least between Jung Kkeut-Soon and some of her family members.

They throw her a birthday party which is actually crashed by  Jung Joon-A who announces he is Jung Kkeut-Soon’s adopted son to the dismay of the other family members and the uncomfortableness of  Jung Kkeut-Soon. He then goes on to put on a show of playing the violin to pander to Jung Kkeut-Soon. However it only increases her uncomfortableness. She had not expected Jung Joon-A to enter the picture at this moment. And this is the same for Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson. This is the point when the Jung Kkeut-Soon’s main plot and the Con plot start to merge together.

Things escalate as the daughter, Choi Dal-Ja, gets wind of some information regarding her mother’s wealth and thus acts in such an  obviously pandering manner towards Jung Kkeut-Soon. A competition between those who had heard information about the money erupts and explodes as an argument between Jung Kkeut-Soon and her estranged husband.

This leads to Jung Kkeut-Soon putting on her battle armor which ends up being her fluffy fur hat and coat. She marches out of her room with documentation and being supported by Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson and Choi Dong-Suk at each flank of hers. This is the birth of the trinity.

Yes she has the money and the documentation to prove it. In total and including both real estate and cash, she has about 20 million dollars after tax. Not bad for someone who can’t read! As a side note, the note book filled with pictures is her way of writing without actually writing. I am still suspicious of whether the whole illiterate thing is just an act or not. At this point, it does not really matter.

It ends up that the reason she has been hiding her money is partially because of her adopted son, Jung Joon-A, who would just end up squandering it. And this is basically also the reason why she is not just giving her money equally to her family members. When her daughter in law puts up this hysterical rant about “why not just give them the money so they could keep the house”, she answers with the question of “If this house meant so much to you, why did you lose it so easily?

 “Money will destroy those who are not up to the task” is the point of her thoughts. This also includes Jung Joon-A. She says that she will give all her money to one person that is found worthy by passing all her tasks. She then also kicks Jung Joon-A out.

Jung Kkeut-Soon’s main plot ends with her explaining her thoughts to her grandson, Choi Dong-Suk, who is basically her right hand at this point. At this point, you have to ask yourself why she doesn’t just give the money to him since he doesn’t really want it and he is okay with any of his family members getting the money. For Jung Kkeut-Soon, this is his problem as, while he is nice, he is naïve. People who are that innocent are not worthy are the money.

The new Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson subplot
As the Con plot had been consumed by the Jung Kkeut-Soon’s main plot this episode, it branches out and creates a new subplot surrounding Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson. It seems that her adopted parents are lowlifes that keep borrowing money from loan sharks that Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson has been paying for. Now the loan sharks have caught up with her in Korea!

So, this is where the whole “Americans are bustards” in Korean drama trope is inserted into the show. Yes the loan sharks are a gang of Caucasian Americans! Who would of thought! Another of these tropes was in the recent first episode of “Kill me, Heal me” (2015).  Other than the obvious issues with this trope, the thing that bothers me is that none of the so called actors actually feel American. At the most, they are maple syrup guzzling Canadians!

Darn Canadians!
Giving Americans a bad name with their bad acting and pale faces!
Joking here!
They are not professional actors!

One thing this does is to put Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson into a more weakened state of mind and thus facilitate progress of the Relationship plot.

The Relationship plot
After hearing of what had happened with Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson, Choi Dong-Suk rushes home from his trip outside of the capital, Seoul. I’ll cover what he had been doing a little bit later. He sees her slightly bruised and emotionally shaken and this brings feelings towards her up to the surface a little. It is partially sympathy and partially something else that has not fully materialized yet. And you know a Korean man cannot have feeling towards a strong independent female! No No they can’t!

Choi Dong-Suk gives back her pendant which has her parents’ picture in it. He also draws a copy of the picture and gives it to her as a present. She is grateful and they bond. A little after these events, he stumbles upon Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson meeting up with her brother, Jung Joon-A, and mistakes it as a lovers’ moment. He does not see Jung Joon-A’s face though. It is just a mystery man to him.

Choi Dong-Suk brushes this off like it was nothing but this and the previous bonding between the two create an awkward sexual tension between the two. And you know where this is going to go in the long term! In the short term, all of these events create the trinity between Jung Kkeut-Soon, Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson, and Choi Dong-Suk.

The final major subplot of this episode is the “missing person” subplot

The missing person subplot
Where was Choi Dong-Suk at when Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson was attacked?

He was down at Jung Kkeut-Soon’s hometown staking out the place waiting for the person who could reveal the truth about what happened with Jung Kkeut-Soon and her husband 50 years ago. In the prior recap, I wrote that the man he is looking for was dying. However, it was not him. I miss heard it. Rather it was his wife who was dying!

After visiting her at the hospital on her death bed and paying for her hospital fees very reluctantly, to comical effect as he doesn’t want to let go of the money, using the buddle of cash given to him by his grandmother for expenses, he travels down to Jung Kkeut-Soon’s hometown and waits in the cold winter weather.

He finds the man but loses him after struggle. It seems that the man he is looking for has been a wanted man for a long time. He has been hiding out for years. Who said it was going to be easy? We have 16 more episodes to go! It is at this point when he just rushes home when he hears that Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson was attacked!

Considerate is he!
He should just do his job!

What about the other family members?
The daughter and the grandfather are scheming like usual but nothing is brewing for the moment. The other family members are just acting in a manner proving to Choi Dong-Suk that everything his grandmother said about his family is right and none of them are worthy of the money.

One thing that is heating up with the family is the younger married, eastern medicine doctor, daughter.

The Getting sued subplot
The last we saw of this daughter, Choi Dong-Joo, in any significant manner is  when her crazy mother in law crashes the house to state that she is being divorced. Now the mother in law is back with a lawyer, a female lawyer, and tries to put the blame on a malpractice case on Choi Dong-Joo.

This is where Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson comes into save the day with her “lawyer” act which she is practicing for a lot. She repels the crazy in law and her lawyer and the lawyer quits. Oh also, while leaving, the female lawyer gives Choi Dong-Suk her card and hits heavily on him! This show has weird ideas of strong independent women. They are all sex crazy! Last episode there was this receptionist who went stir over the board for Jung Joon-A!

While things have been calmed down for the moment, it is a problem for Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson in the long term is yhat, since she showed up that other lawyer, Choi Dong-Joo is depending on her to bring the case to court and prove her innocence. However, Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson is not a lawyer! She is just a fake one. Thus, she needs to settle the case out of court!

This episode ends with a Relationship plot thread as Choi Dong-Suk is waiting for Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson as she went out in the middle of the night and had not come back.

What will happen?
Is she meeting with her brother ?
Or does she have other problems?
Did she get nabbed by the NOT American American loan sharks?

You will have to wait and see.

As I said early on in this recap, episode 4 feels like an end to the first act. All of the character dynamics are settled into what you would expect them to be for the remainder of the show. You basically got to know all of the characters and what motivates them. Some you know more about then others.

Jung Kkeut-Soon wants to enhance the state of her family and to prove her innocence.
Jung Joon-A wants the money because he has debt.
Na Joon-Hee / Susan Johnson wants the money because her adopted parents have debt.
Choi Dong-Suk just wants everyone to get along and live happily ever after.
The husband just wants to get closure and get rid of his wife so that he can move on.
 The other family members just want the money because they do not have money.
Well for the daughter, there is resentment towards her mother but she is naturally greedy.

I am not sure how the show will keep up the momentum it had during the 4 episodes. It has been slowing down and becoming less creative and more like a typical Korean family comedy makjang show as more episodes come out.

We will have to wait and see if the show could keep thing going.

Thank you for reading this recap of episode 4 of “The Family is coming” (2015).

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