Introducing 2x "Hyde, Jekyll and I" (2015) #Kdrama First impressions

 "Hyde, Jekyll and I" (2015) is one of those Korean dramas that make a terrible first impression. Considering that most Korean dramas do not get much better than its 3rd or 4 th episode, a lousy first episode is not too much of a surprise. However, "Hyde, Jekyll and I" (2015) was so clumsy and lacks any thing of interest that I just dropped the show after that and have no interest in going back to it.

However some are keeping with it although not that many considering the ratings.

It there a strong correlation between Korean ratings and the opinion of overseas markets?

In any case, some have kept with the show although the reactions are mixed at best. Here are two first impressions articles by great blogger.

Orion's Ramblings' first impressions 

it will require better writing skill, abandoning of unnecessary elements and richer characters to get there.

Orion's Ramblings is one of the corner stones of the Kdrama community. She actually gets paid although pittances according to her for her content.  The personal blog is However, most of the content is hosted on

Coffee and Irony's first impressions 
it has the most ludicrous drama opening I think I’ve ever seen

Coffee and Irony is a more recent blog with an alexa ranking of 5,484,671.

You see what I mean by mixed? Coffee and Irony is a little bit more optimistic about the show though.

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