Introducing 2x "Healer" (2015) Korean drama Mid-run Reviews

What can I say about "Healer" (2015) other than it didn't particularly catch my eye on its first episode. Thus, I moved on. However, it seems to be popular.

This is not a new thing for me since I disliked most of the 2014 Korean drama library. In any case, the show is more than half pasted its broadcast run. And thus, many bloggers are writing their mid run reviews in order to get traffic.

Here are two of those that are interesting.

Here is what My myooz has to say!
This show is highly rated and highly recommended by all. As for me, I’m watching it just for the OTP

My myooz is a very prolific Korean drama blogger with many reviews and recaps. It has an Alexa ranking of 7,923,269 which is lower than I would expect for this pillar of the Korean drama community.

 Between Worlds on the other hand says
What's interesting about this drama is that it really isn't ground-breakingly good or new or anything. ... But I guess every once in a while a drama comes along that makes everything work, which definitely is the case with Healer.

Between Worlds is a newer blog with a decent number of reviews. Its Alexa ranking is 2,600,832th in the world which is pretty good. It is even better than my blog. I am trying to raise my profile.

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