2x First Impressions of #Kdrama #Blood (2015)

The new #KDrama "Blood" (2015) is an odd duckling. On the surface, it has a very strong Young Adult (YA) CW genre vibe to it with the whole vampire stuff and the cheesy approach to action and very bad CGI.

It could be a very bad its good guilty pleasure show. At the same time, the core of the show is a typical Korean drama medical show which is basically just about the politics for the most part.

And the two simply do not mesh well together as the medical show takes itself too seriously to be fun.

Here is two reviews after the first two episodes.

LeeJIN's Drama Corner is somewhat lukeworm about the show.
Maybe it would be good, maybe not.

LeeJIN is a Korean drama blog with a Alaxa rank of 5.8 million-th rank,

Wandering thoughts...my K-World is more curious about the show.
I think this drama will have a different approach. It may not be that scary but the mystery will be felt.

Wandering thoughts...my K-World has an Alexa global ranking of 11,781,560. It has been around since 2013 and has a lot of posts.

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