Cruel Palace: War of Flowers (2013) Review by [Ethlenn]

jTBC has been impressing me a lot over the last few shows. They are a network that is still female centric  "Soap" melodrama but actually may attention to the "Drama". Their shows do not always nail it but it is much appreciated. However, I did not really notice this before until this year.

The network does not have that much episodes but it currently is running "Maids". One of the past shows is "Cruel Palace - War of Flowers" (2013).

Cruel Palace - War of Flowers is a 2013 Period Korean Saguk that run for 50 episodes.
It is about court politics which can be hit or miss. The 50 episode this is also somewhat of a turn off. Thus I did not watch this show.

Ethlenn did and seems to like it. Here is a review!

This drama is a big parable of "what ifs".

Ethlenn has an Alexa global ranking of 12,343,434. Not great for pure amount of content being produced. It has been around from 2010. Come check it out.

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