Good bye "Healer"! Hello 4x "Healer" Reviews

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The show "Healer" has ended. It was another show that did not capture me in anyway after the first episode. There was nothing I particularity disliked significantly at the same time.

What else can I say?

I seemed to be popular outside of Korea although inside it was just okay I think.

It has now ended and reviews suddenly started to pour onto the internet.

I have 4 here.


The first is Train To SeoulTrain To Seoul is a Korean drama blogger who has been really active in 2014. The site does not have a Alexa Ranking yet!

If I have to name out a flaw from the drama, it's the messy background story
It gave the show a 10/10. So really positive about the show. Here is a link to the review.[link]


The second is Kimchi Achaar. This is a relatively new site for me. It has an Alexa ranking of 22,169,218th in the world which is not high.

was a nerve wrecking experience

 It also gave a very positive review. Go check out Kimchi Achaar's review [link].


The third is F4 plus 1.The site has an Alexa ranking of 14,775,104 in the world.

was sweet and action packed and those two things sometimes happened in the same scene at the same time
Another glowing review!


Finally, we have Drama Views. Another blog that I got to know just recently. It has an Alexa ranking of 25,404,173th in the world. It is now well known but puts out a lot of content.

Healer had a solid script, that worked very well in its favour

After these reviews, I may give the show another chance although none really points out anything I would really be interested in.

Is it just me?

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  1. Very interesting articles. No matter how you slice it, being a slave stinks. I'm watching Maids, it's my favorite drama of the new year, but that's not saying much because I've been sticking to my 2015 list which includes old and new. I'm drawn into the plot and different characters. And though DF tries to sell it that way, I'm not craving for epic romance. When it happens, fantastic, but there is enough going on to keep me intrigued.

  2. Just wanted to stated ri jin is only 1 year resident not a profesional with license that refused to to be his psychiatris.
    She even decided go to J.hopkin but then willingly wanted to help dh to genuinely helps him
    She already stated that she will moderate the conversations since the dominant violent alter is listen and talk to her, and the consultation time start because do hyun can't open up to her.

    And she isn't only there as comedic relief
    She's there to assist all trouble of dh alter which normally will make everyone give up
    But she is strong because she can adjust her reaction when talk about more serious topic
    And i see the over the top action always happen when she deal with over the top personality, but she act normal around normal moment with do hyun (who wouldn't be afraid around a stranger that told you about love on 1st meet, a crazy bomb maker or wannabe sasaeng fan girl)

    She has flaw but then she act at how it suppose to be
    Ask around for help and advice,listening to other concern
    I knew she isn't a perfect character but she is understandable with how she need to act beside no experience (that she stated herself)
    And ri jin meet do hyun wasn't a total coincident nor for comedic relief
    Because she is part of the main story to unveil the secret

  3. It could be just you. I haven't seen Healer yet, so I can't comment on it. But I know I have particular tastes when it comes to dramas, what everyone else loves, I can't stand or just have an overall feeling of 'Meh.' Even if it stars an actor I really like.

  4. I agree that early episodes handled Oh Ri-Jin's character badly. I nearly stopped watching several times because she was so screechy and unprofessional. But since then, it has amazed me the way this show came into focus. We're up to ep 16 now and the comic bits have me laughing out loud. And Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon--the two male leads--provide a lot of the comic relief. Hwang Jung-Eum hasn't screeched in at least a month. She also has great chemistry with Ji Sung, which is not apparent in the opening episodes.

    I attribute the show's rough start to the fact that they started shooting a mere two weeks before the first episodes aired. Two weeks! Even in the Korean TV "live shoot" system, that's a staggeringly short lead time. But they had casting difficulties, with a couple different actors turning down the part before Ji Sung took it. I wish they'd had more time to polish the first four episodes, because they don't do justice to anyone.

    The subject of DID is controversial among psychiatrists and poorly understood by the public, but it makes for a good story. And people who say they're suffering from DID are suffering for real, even if no one can agree on precisely what they're suffering from. I wouldn't say Korea is "behind" for telling a story about it--especially when the story has the tone of a fairy tale rather than documentary reality. "United States of Tara" was a pretty recent show in the States and gave a great portrayal of a family under strain from DID.

    One thing about this show: it embraces every single K-drama formula, and then plays around with them creatively. Viewers who hate formulas won't like it. But I love the exaggerated formulas. It's like watching a wacky 1960s spaghetti Western as opposed to a straight-up serious 1940s Western. Not for everyone, but a creative and interesting show.

  5. nice reply!
    The dialogue is also rough!
    I do not like Korean comedy so much also.

  6. It's an extraordinary drama, and if you study a little more about D.I.D. you, and anyone, can see the incredible mix between script and psychopathology this drama has. They set the therapeutic like an scene, and the plot moves inside this. If you hate the clinic psychology, this drama, sorry, it's no for you. But for me, it's an A+. By the other side, like other Soo-wan's dramas, KMHM has very feminine (very YIN) approach about the sense of life. (Excuse my English. It is not my native tongue).