The King's Face (2015) Review by [kaedejun]

I found a rare review of  Korean drama Period piece "The king's face".
I tried to follow the show for a few episodes but ...
Oh I confused it with another period show "Secret something...." So, I have no idea what this show is like although the story of the show is based on a well known Korean historical event similar to "Richard the 3rd".

Historical note:
Prince Gwanghae is considered a progressive and real politic king of the time that get removed from the thorn by a coup of the old guard nobility. 
It ended last week and this is the first review I found.

The review is from kaede+jun. It has an Alexa ranking of 2,372,161 in the world which is not bad for the #Kdrama review blog world.

it was far more complicated than I think it had to be
The review is lukewarm about the show. Here is a link. [link]

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