Goodbye Pinocchio (2014)! 3x New reviews!

Introducing Pinocchio (2014) 3x Reviews

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Have you seen Pinocchio (2014) Korean drama?  I haven't!
The title is rather odd so I looked the show up and it is there because Park Shin-Hye's character hiccups whenever she lies. My response was that "That's stupid!"
Pinocchio Syndrome, lol!

The plot description was your typical Korean drama plot with destiny matches, adoption, lost relatives. The gimmick this show has was the so called "Pinocchio Syndrome" which according to Google does not exist and is not a medical condition.

There are some loose social uses of the name to represent habitual lying or as a TV trope of wanting to be human.

In any case, I was not interested and I have never been interested in Lee Jong-SukPark Shin-Hye is just ok in my eyes. So, I skimmed through the first episode and lost interest.

The show has ended its run and the question is "should I go back?"

For those who are in the same position I am in, here are another 3 reviews by Korean drama Bloggers.

First, Zombie mamma gave it a glowing review!

It’s rare when you can walk away from a drama feeling satisfied but with Pinocchio, that’s exactly what I did.

Zombie mamma has become one of the corner stone blogs about Korean drama over the last few years! For those who have been into this area, no introductions would be required. For those who do not, it has an 4.68 million-th which is rather low considering the amount content being produced every week. However, that happens if you do not optimize for Search Engines [SEO]. Come visit some time.

Next we have LATTE&STILETTOS. It gave it a pretty good review although the actaul writing itslef is rather lukewarm about the show I feel.

A drama depicts love, frustration, growth and the competitive process of young people in their 20s becoming reporters as they cry and get hurt by truth but realize that as reporters, they must tell the truth.

Latte and stilettos is a blog with an Alexa rank of 27,022,081th in the world. It is more fangirl centric than most I think.

Finally we have Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations. Gave it a 10/10
The drama did not disappoint me with its intriguing plot dipped with some sadness and good acting of the casts.

This site has an Alexa ranking of 21,873,313th in the world.

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