Introduction to 2 x Sensible / Valid Love Reviews by [Orion &kdramalogist]

Another tvN show has come and gone that I had no interest in. That network and I do not really mix. I should have liked it more because I Like Choi Yeo-Jin but no which is a shame.

After the first few episodes, I had not heard much about the show. However some seem to like it very much. And we are starting to get glowing reviews of the series.

The first article is from Orion's Ramblings

has some surprisingly profound things to say... sadly a case of a great story dragged down by a bad plot
Not great show it may seem.
Orion's Ramblings is one of the corner stones of the Kdrama community. She actually gets paid although pittances according to her for her content.  The personal blog is However, most of the content is hosted on

The next is from The-kdramalogist. The site has an Alexa ranking of 23,500,108 in the world.
So beautifully acted; beautifully written; beautifully filmed

So much more of a positive review!

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